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Garden Park Test

Today I wanted to talk about an app called Kyoobik by Jixi*Pix Software. The concept behind the app goes back to the 1960’s with Pop-Art attitude. You can use different preset of shapes, cubes and patterns along with a mix of different textures. I had a couple request on how to operate this app on Kik, so I will show you examples and screen shot details on how to use this app. The example onto is a blend test with the Kyoobik, it’s doesn’t just have cubes and shapes but the app has some patterns too. Let’s get started with the Kyoobik…

Demo Kyoobik Photo

This will be the demo photo used for editing with Kyoobik, taken with Fisheye Pro app. You can pick up Fisheye Pro for $.99 at the app store.

Camera Roll-3790

When you load a photo or take a photo this the default preset editing when a photo had been processed with this app.

Camera Roll-3791

There are 5 different preset section with app. This section is called Kyoobik Photos. You can slide your finger across to find the shapes or presets you’re looking for and tap on the one you like. This works in all 5 sections.

Camera Roll-3792

Oobik Shapes

Camera Roll-3793

Kyoobert 3D

Camera Roll-3794

Kyoobik Plane

Camera Roll-3795


Camera Roll-3796

Now if you tap on the Adjust instead of the Presets, you can adjust your editing with Kyoobik to your liking with 4 different editing options. We start off with Shapes at the first edit section.

Camera Roll-3797

Color is next, you will see two different editing options, Tint and Kaleidoscope and strength slider.

Camera Roll-3798

You can tap on each of the color square and pick what color you want to change in the Kaleidoscope.

Camera Roll-3799

Variations is next and you can use the slider to do different styles of how three dimensional you want your photo/image to look.

Camera Roll-3801

Papers is what type of texture you want for your background. You can slide across with your finger in picking what kind of Paper backgrounds you want. There are a lot to choose from colors to textures.

Camera Roll-3803

Now when you tap on the share button on the bottom right section. There is a setting button to change what resolution you want to save your photo. I will warn you if do save at high res and just like all the other Jixi*Pix apps. This will take a minute or two to save your photo. I save all my photos at high res with all my Jixi*Pix apps.

Kyoobik Photo Demo

Here is my saved edited photo with Kyoobik.

Camera Roll-3282

Now here is another example of using the build-in texture that are in the app. This app is great for blending patterns and textures.

Tiffany & Kyoobik

Another great example is this app is great for doing portrait blending and layers editing, this is Tiffany White @tiffany916. She provided me her self portrait for editing, in part of series I should be going back to working on soon. As you can see that this app is great for portrait manipulations and they show them on the Jixi*Pix website.

Micheal from Jixi*Pix has given me 5 promo codes for Kyoobik, this is first come first serve. Once they are used up then they are gone, I’ve bought the app a while ago. There are 2 versions of this app the iPhone and iPad. You have to buy them individually, just tap on iPhone or iPad to purchase the app.

Promo Codes:


If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Now you can find Combo Apps: iPhoneography Exetreme Editing Group on You can check out the Combo Apps pages on Facebook and Google+ and last the Instagram page @combo_apps. There is the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below if you want to check out the pool of awesome editing by other iPhoneographer Artists and page @ashcroft54.

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