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Horton Plaza

Today I’ll be talking about an app called Gradient+Synthesis. There also a couple of other well known apps that CC studio has made such as Abstract Me and Chip Photo. I;m going to show you how to make those cuts in the photo like the one I did of Horton Plaza up above.

To be edited

Example 1

To be edited

Example 2. Those are the 2 photos I will be using for the demo of this blog post.

Camera Roll-3452

Now this is the default page of Gradient+Synthesis, you will notice the button are easy to figure out. It did take me a bit of time to use but it was well worth it. You have a camera, 2 play buttons and a shopping cart. The 2 play button are what we are going to use in the next demo.

Camera Roll-3453

The top play button I load up the light post and clouds photo.

Camera Roll-3454

The bottom play button I load up the escalator photo. The I tap on the paint brush button and tap on the scissors.

Camera Roll-3456

I tap on the dot and slide it across to pick how wide I want the cuts to be…

Camera Roll-3457

Then I slide my finger all over the screen to make the cuts to my liking…sometimes I do it a lot and some sometimes just a couple of swipes. It really depends on the type of style you’re looking for in the cuts.

Camera Roll-3458

I’m done with my cute but there is more to do with this app.

Camera Roll-3459

Tap on the up arrow button to get the perfect transparency you’re looking for…then hit done.

Camera Roll-3460

The down arrow has 2 other buttons, options and filter.

Camera Roll-3461

This is the option button and you have 5 different editing filter options.

Camera Roll-3462

These are the 4 different Filter styles.

Camera Roll-3463

You have 3 different save resolution sizes to choose from…I’ll pick HIGH RES !!!

Final results with the app

This is my saved photo from using Gradient+Synthesis…but this post isn’t over !!!

Dynamic Light added to Gradient+Synthesis

Then I processed the photo with Dynamic Light.

Paint FX from Dynamic Light

Next I ran it through Paint FX to make those cool looking bubbles on the front.

Rainy Daze from Paint FX

Last I ran it through Rainy Dazes to give it that mysterious and looming feeling…if you have any questions about this post please leave a comment or you can email me You can also check out my page @ashcroft54, Combo Apps Instagram @combo_apps and the Facebook and Google+ pages.

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Gradient+Synthesis

  1. regibak says:

    I keep trying but I’m still doing something wrong! I need more help!! This is what I do,
    1. Hit the top play button, load photo, it never again shows me the bottom play button on the first page.
    2. When I hit okay on the instructions it goes back to camera roll, I load another photo(what is the camera/photo button for in the tools page, I already loaded two photos).
    3. I get the cuts but I don’t get the blend like you do. Am I missing a step and do I reload one of my photos? Oh we’ll, if you can help, with a little more explanation it would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

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