Combo Apps/Return Of The Yogurt Mill Pimp Challenge

Orginial Qbro The Yohurt Mill Shot

I’ve brought back The Yogurt Mill Pimp Challenge since it was so popular. There was a lot of creative editing, so it time to bring it back with a highlight twist with Foursquare. Since this is an actual place near where I live in El Cajon, I decided to post the creative edits as check-in photo posts. What makes it cool is that it’s creative exposure of your creative expression of how you see The Yogurt Mill. This makes it unique because a lot of people go to The Yogurt Mill to eat their amazing frozen yogurt. The line is always out the door and strung out the parking lot. Even in the winter time there is a line of people waiting to get their frozen yogurt fix…

Camera Roll-3357

Debbie Hearn (@debbiehearn) on Instagram was one of the people I just did a Foursquare check-in highlight.

Camera Roll-3360

This is how her check-in looks like when I post them on Foursquare. Pretty cool and a lot of people will see the edited photo post. You will also notice that my Foursquare check-ins are connected to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. This makes it even extraordinary because more people will see your creative editing skills.

Camera Roll-3335

The Yogurt Mill Pimp 1 on my @ashcroft54 Instagram account.

Camera Roll-3347

The Yogurt Mill Pimp 2 on my @combo_apps Instagram account.

The pimp challenge will run until August 25th, midnight California Pacific Time. I’m hoping to see lots of great creative editing of The Yogurt Mill and lots of check-in posts on Foursquare. If you have any questions, you can check the rules and information on my @combo_apps Instagram account, leave comments on this blog post or email me I am also willing to email you the high resolution photo I took with Qbro.

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