Wood Camera for 31 Days

Wood Camera 8/31

Another month has passed, so here’s another blog post about camera app called Wood Camera. I just wanted to state that I tried to contact the developers but they are impossible to reach, contact or email. It’s a sad shame because I really do like their app and what it has to offer for all-in-one picture taking, editing and posting/sharing. The app sells for $1.99 at the App Store, if you would like to go and pick the app to add in your photo collection. Let’s get started with the blog, shall we…

Camera Roll-3307

We will start with the Lightbox, section of Wood Camera. As you can see I have a lot of photos saved on my Lightbox from shooting with it last month.

Camera Roll-3307

Now if you tap on the top right hand button with the arrow and box, you have the Share and Delete options with your photos in the Lightbox.

Camera Roll-3306

Top left hand Gear button is your basic settings, tap on done when pick what you want On or Off.

Camera Roll-3309

Camera Roll-3310

Now let’s play with the camera part of the, you will see the lens button on the bottom right hand corner of the app. You can tap on the lens button and hide the lens option or keep it on and slide it across with your finger to pick the different types of lenses to shoot with. It’s kind of cool to have this live option of shoot because it saves you some time in the editing process. What’s great is the
photos save at high resolution even with the live lens feature.

Camera Roll-3311

Let’s play with the photo that I shot and saved in the Lightbox, this is a power editing app as well as camera. Tap on Edit in the top right hand corner and we will edit this photo.

Camera Roll-3312

These are all the editing button on Wood Camera, it’s a one stop editing app.

Camera Roll-3313

Camera Roll-3314

Camera Roll-3315

Camera Roll-3316

Camera Roll-3317

Camera Roll-3318

Camera Roll-3319

Those are the screen shots run down with editing, I wanted to explain some of the editing features with this app. Someone was asking me how do I get “The Birds” in my photo, this is the secret to “The Birds”. It’s in the Frame edit mode. I wanted to point out on the Tilt-Shift , that there is 2 features in one. You also have Vignette, all you have to do is slide across with your finger to get to the feature.

Camera Roll-3321

Camera Roll-3322

What I love about this app is the Tilt-Shift edit, you have 2 different types of selective focusing, Parallel and Circle. What makes this even more powerful is you can pinch your finger for custom blurring and selective focusing.. I find that one of the best features in the editing process with this app and very impressive.

Camera Roll-3323

Camera Roll-3324

You can also edit in the Lens mode by dragging your finger across the top and pick from these options, Lens Intensity, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue. I’ve only have two of the editing option showing on the blog post.

Camera Roll-3320

You can also share your photo with the popular photo share sites.

Wood Camera Demo

Here’s my edited photo, taken and edited with Wood Camera. Overall this app is powerful and very nice UI, I really enjoyed shooting and editing with this amazing camera app. I recommend this app for the people who are on the go and want shooting, editing and sharing all in one. For me it’s one of editing app arsenal I have in my collection. You can also click on the link below and see all the photos I shot and edit with Wood Camera (Flickr Set Wood Camera for 31 Days). If you have any questions about this post you can leave comments or email me ashcroft54@gmail.com, You can also look at my splash page to find everything I’m connected to on the internet @ashcroft54. See you next month for another month project blog post…

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Wood Camera For 31 Days, a set on Flickr.

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4 Responses to Wood Camera for 31 Days

  1. Me says:

    Hi! Have you tried contacting @johnbarnett via IG? He is a co-developer of the app and should be easy to reach.

  2. Now that Instagram has more than 80m users, new, specialized photosharing apps will appear. We are a designer and a programmer based in Paris, and we have developed “21off” (http://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/id480450464?mt=8) a self produced creativity-sharing iPhone platform. Thanks to its localization features, 21off is a guide for people interested in creativity, as well as a self-promotion tool for creative people. It is free on the appstore…still in betaversion, but stable and we are launching it right now. Cheers, Ignazio

  3. Thanks for sharing such a useful post regarding Wood Camera. The app is really great!

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