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Fuzel Pro

The top collage was done with Fuzel Pro, it’s a new collage/montage app I discovered in the App Store. It’s an iPhone Only app at the moment and hopefully it will be a universal or and iPad app in the near future. There are two versions of this app a FREE and PRO, right now the Fuzel Pro is at an intro price of $.99. Well worth picking up the app at that price just to have in your editing arsenal. Fuzel is an app that will give Diptic and Pic Frame a run for it’s money because of the editing collaging features.

Fuzel Pro

Let’s get started with playing with app demo shall we…tap to create a new collage.

Camera Roll-3258

Layouts Screen the different layouts of collages.

Camera Roll-3259

Borders Screen is what type of width (thick or thin) you want with your borders.

Camera Roll-3260

Base Screen is how thick or thin you want your basic frame color.

Camera Roll-3261

Frame Screen, lots and lots of different styles to choose from…

Camera Roll-3262

I picked my layout of what collage I want so how it works is you tap on the layout itself.

Camera Roll-3263

Then you will see your two options. One is the camera to take photo. Two is your photo library on your iPhone. People wrote reviews in the App Store that you couldn’t use your camera roll or photo library, but as you can see there is a button of little squares. That is your photo library option button, sometimes it pays to tap on buttons to figure how it all works.

Camera Roll-3280

Now you will see my Photo Library, yes I have a lot of photos. But you see on the top if you have a Facebook Account, you can make collages with your Facebook Account Photos and Google Images too.

Camera Roll-3281

I pick the photos seven photos I want to do with Hex Collage and tap DONE.

Camera Roll-3264

This is the default setting after you pick out your photos for your collage.

Camera Roll-3265

It’s very easy to adjust how your want the thickness of your borders and outer frame. All you have to do is tap on which option you want and drag your finger up and down to adjust the thickness to your pleasing.

Camera Roll-3267

I decided to take out the outer borders and leave in the inner borders in the collage.

Camera Roll-3268

Now I decided to play with the base and give it an accent look to them. This will contrast the black and white to make my photos pop out and not blend in so much.

Camera Roll-3275

Now I’m going to show you something else you can do with your collage. It about cutting up your collage.

Camera Roll-3275

You can make cuts in your collage and add more photos in them, so it look like a puzzle of shapes.

Camera Roll-3278

Camera Roll-3279

You can also resize the different shapes to your liking and change the position of the placement of the photo you have in that shape.

Camera Roll-3277

There is the options of different ratios to pick from too. Sometimes you don’t always want to do a square collage.

Camera Roll-3274

Camera Roll-3269

These are the options to share your collage on other social and share sites. You can also save your collage to your camera roll too and make a mini gallery within the app.

Camera Roll-3270

Camera Roll-3271

Flickr and Twitter share.

Camera Roll-3283

You can email the collage too and get a bigger results in emailing it to someone. The hearts are covering who I’m sending the collage. Yes. it’s going to my girlfriend and no one needs to send her weird emails. Now if you want to get that large files to keep in your camera roll, send the email to yourself.

Fuzel – Collage made awesome from Not A Basement Studio on Vimeo.

The video demo of the app and how it works is on top. Overall the app has a great UI (user interface), well designed and user friendly. The only cons to the are it’s iPhone/iTouch only and you can’t apply text to your image collage. I’m sure over time those options will happen in the near future. Other than that this app is amazing and very impressive, I would give this app 5 Stars for creativity and uniqueness of the cutting features in the layouts. It’s a very powerful collage app and worth paying the into price while lasts.

If you have any questions about this post please leave comments or email me You can also check out the Facebook, Google+ and Instagram Forum Pages. There is the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below to click on and check out other people extreme editing, last is my page @ashcroft54. Have a good day and see you next week…

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