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Alien Sky Promotion on Tadaa

Way back I did a blog post called iFake Space, I always been enchanted with outer space since I was a kid and went to the Palomar Observatory. I saw this huge telescope with a camera attached to it. I was amazed with seeing all the photo they captured from outer space (million light years away). I felt it was one of those things I was meant to see in my life. The nebulas, stars, planets, asteroides and comets would always amazed me with colorful splendor and delight. Why ? Because something that is so far away and so far out of reach, we could actually see and know it exist in the universe. Now there is an app that we can use called Alien Sky, that can emulate and amplify our imaginations and creativity. I’ve been waiting for an app like this to come along.

Camera Roll-3151

Now I know this app has already been reviewed by many iPhone blogs, but what makes my blog different is I show you how to push this app. John Grote (the developer) knows I can do amazing editing with his apps. I love his two other apps Lens Light and Lens Flare. I wanted to a special blog for his app because he’s one of those developers that reach out to me. He sends me emails about updates and everything else he’s doing with his apps. I do love using his apps for editing because it brings out my imagination and creativity. Last I wanted to add he’s one of those developers that I never thought I would be emailing and tweeting to beside John (Percolator/Popsicolor).

Camera Roll-3154

You can play with the default photo loaded on Alien Sky so you know how the app functions. But if you have Lens Light and Lens Flare then you already know how to operate this app.

Camera Roll-3155

Tap on the Saturn button to get all the planets, stars and light effects. You just scroll through with your finger on the screen.

Camera Roll-3156

Tap on the Light Button and you can adjust color and brightness of what your applying to your photo edit. This is where you can change the colors of you planets, lights and stars. It’s also the opacity slider and adjustments.

Camera Roll-3157

Now if you tap on the third button the button which looks like a circle with two half semi circles of two shades. That is you Filter/Textured screen button. This is where you can slap on a filter screen over your photo edit. This is cool because you can make your photo look like a retro tv display with you photo.

Camera Roll-3158

This is really important and not everyone will know this, inorder to make sure you photo is saved at highest resolution possible. You must make sure you click at the button of the screen on the “SAVE SUPER HIGH RES (SLOW)” button. If your not sure what high resolution your setting will be at high you can click HERE to find out with iDevices you have and the resolution.

Camera Roll-3159

Alien Sky is part of the Photo App Link collection, if you want to know more about how Photo App Link works just click on the You Tube Video below. I’m an avid user of Photo Apps Link for most of my editing.

Path Exclusive Edit with Alien Sky

Path Exclusive Edit with Alien Sky and Auto Graffiti.

Alien Sky Test on Instagram

Alien Sky Test on Instagram.

Alien Sky + MarbleCam = Marble Monday

Alien Sky + MarbleCam = Marble Monday.

Crispy Alien Demo

Crispy Alien Demo, a mixture of a Crispy Black and White photo mixed with Alien Sky and Lens Light.

Those are some cool edit examples using Alien Sky with other apps. There will be more creative editing with this app in the near future. If you have any questions about this blog please leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram forum. Check out my page @ashcroft54.

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  2. aza says:

    Can you get them to release alien sky for Android?

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