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Graffiti Selfies

Today’s blog is about the Graffiti Apps. I will be doing a comparison with three different Graffiti Apps, Fotoffiti, Graffiti Me! and Auto Graffiti. You can click on the names of the app to check them out at the App Store. I happen to get all these apps for FREE when it was offered at the time. The reason behind the comparison blog was because of an Instrgamer name Josh Chopsticks. You can follow him @joshuachopsticks and check out his feed. He likes to inform me when apps go FREE and see what I can do with them. The only downfall is Graffiti Me! saves at 640×960 and Fotoffiti saves at 640×870. Where Auto Graffiti saves at a high 1536×2048.

Camera Roll-3089

Fotoffiti is based on graffiti stencil artist Banksy. This app is dedicated to making your images/photo to look like Banksy art work.

Camera Roll-3091

After you load your you photo you can move it to scale or to your liking. I recommend when using any of these app you use still life, building photos with plain blue skies and isolated type of photos.

Camera Roll-3092

Pick what color spray paint you would like to use, I like using the 4 color down at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Camera Roll-3093

Shake to Spray or Skip, I like to Shake to Spray because I like hearing the sounds it makes when you develop your graffiti work.

Camera Roll-3094

Now you have you editing and FX. In case you don’t like the default edit you can go through and change it around to how you like it.

Camera Roll-3095

This is where you change the edits of you image. You have 4 different options and styles and then you tap on Accept when you find that perfect edit.

Camera Roll-3096

I wanted to show you the different type of wall background.

Camera Roll-3097

You can also slide to age preference of you sprayed painted image.

Demo Image for Combo Apps Blogs

My finished edited photo with Fotoffiti.

Camera Roll-3100

Graffiti Me! is the next app I’ll be talking about next. they are from the developer of Sketch Me!, Hair Color Booth, Ginger Booth and Geek Booth.

Camera Roll-3101

So now after you load your photo you will place to fit to the scale you like, I like bring in the building.

Camera Roll-3102

Here are you editing option with this Graffiti Me!, you slide your across to find the effect you like. You can also mess with the contrasts, brightness, respray and add text to your image. The effect slider is for blending you image to the background to your choosing.

Camera Roll-3103

You can also pick your brush size too. Which I find it odd to be using brushing sizes because you’re using a spray nozzle for spray paint.

Graffiti Me! Demo for Combo Apps Blogs

I picked for my finished image is The Union Jack (British Flag) because I’m a bit of Anglophile and my girlfriend is British/Indian.

Camera Roll-3105

Now our last app is Auto Graffiti from the developer who brought you Photo Wizard and Superimpose. This is the graffiti app that saves at high resolution (1536X2048 3MP). If you look closely it’s a cut and dry app to operate with the button that are familiar to most of us who edit photos.

Camera Roll-3106

Here’s my loaded photo with the default edit mode. I’m going to tap on the WALL button to change the background.

Camera Roll-3107

If you noticed the background is a lot more colorful compared to the other graffiti apps.

Camera Roll-3108

Tap on the gear button on the top left hand corner, this is how you set the resolution save for the app.

Auto Graffiti Demo for Combo Apps Blogs.

My finished image. I decided to go with something a little more natural and not so full on color blasting. I want to try and convey that graffiti aged look to my image. But if I want to use it for blending and layering, I will go for a super saturated color look to my image to bring out details and solarized look to my edited images.

This concludes the blog and comparison of the graffiti apps, I was lucky to get them all for FREE when it was offered. I highly recommend you pick up App Shoppers, so you know when these app go on sake or for FREE !!! The app is free and recommend by all the BIG iPhone bloggers, ME (ashcroft54) and a lot of IGers.

See you next week and please leave comments on the blog and you can email me You can also check out my page @ASHCROFT54. Sign up for Flickr and check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group and the Facebook and Google+ pages. If you have Instragram please stop by and hit the FOLLOW button @combo_apps IG. There are some sites below if you want to check out Graffiti Art and the story behind it all.

Graffiti Art Sites:

Grafftit dot Org
50mm Los Angeles
Graffiti Legends
Chicano Park
My Chicano Park Flickr Set

olympic towersJet #2Swimming!SweetWork Foto.JPG
new stari'm a giant and also tinyTres FloresSunsetBearOscillation...
Blurring the lakeDinghy20120701 Plant Life IVblue eyesSunrise, Embleton Bay, NorthumberlandFences of Our Own Making
1:00 AM90 DegreesSunrise in Barton - 2012061720120701 Plant Life IIILa Mancha it ain't!Pretty Walk

Chicano Park-22


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