645 Pro For 30 Days (unfinished)

645 Pro 20/30

Due to the recent update with the app, I’ve lost all my TIFF files. The app is inoperable and this project remains unfinished. I did get an email from the developer. They are doing their best to fix the problem, so this project will be left undone. I wanted to do a detailed blog about this app, so it will have wait for a couple of months. I will do this project again in September because I haven’t gotten to the update to fix the bug yet. I figure by then I’ll be excited to this month app project again. It’s a real disappointment, but I know this is life and things don’t always go according to plan. You can look at the unfinished set below on my Flickr photo stream. The Photo up above was taken at Lestat’s on Park coffee shop with 645 Pro, settings 6×17 and K14 (film). There was no editing and straight from the camera app.

On a high note, this app has potential and I love the results when it was working. 645 Pro really makes you think when it comes to taking photos because of the manual controls. It’s a definitely a thinking camera app and made for the photo enthusiast to the PRO photographer in mind. I see in the future other camera app to follow in 645 Pro’s foot steps. They have set the bar in making the closest thing to a manual camera app with TIFF files to process. In two month when I come back to this project again, hopefully I can do a comparison with Pro Camera and 645 Pro. They both are great camera app in my opinion. I’m hoping Pro Camera will add TIFF files setting with their app and see a Pro Camera 4.0 in the near future…this will be exciting !!!

See you in October for the real results of this app…

645 Pro 1/30645 Pro 26/30645 Pro 24/30645 Pro 24/30645 Pro 23/30645 Pro 22/30
645 Pro 21/30645 Pro 20/30645 Pro 19/30645 Pro 18/30645 Pro 17/30645 Pro 16/30
645 Pro 15/30645 Pro 14/30645 Pro 13/30645 Pro 12/30645 Pro 11/30645 Pro 10/30
645 Pro 9/30645 Pro 8/30645 Pro 7/30645 Pro 6/30645 Pro 5/30645 Pro 4/30


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One Response to 645 Pro For 30 Days (unfinished)

  1. adel says:

    I hope the project will be finished soon so a lot of people can use it, nice person, living with purpose.

    Zero Dramas

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