Combo Apps/Pop & Perc

Popsicolor Blend Test

Pop & Perc was coined up by a friend of mine on Instagram name Ginger Lucero aka @sxethang. She made a hash tag on Instagram along with the name of the style of editing #popnperc. The editing is a combinations of 2 apps, Popsicolor and Percolator. It’s a love between 2 apps we really love, kind peanut butter and jelly.

Pop & Perc

You can just start with the basic of loading one photo with Percolator. Then load the Percolated photo onto Popsicolor. You get kind of graphic looking image.

Pop & Perc

Then you can do it the opposite way with loading the photo onto Popsicolor first and Percolator second. You get kind of printing press type of photo using 2 plates at once.

Pop & Perc with DXP

Here’s another way of editing with both apps and using DXP. What I do is do each photo seperately, one in Popsicolor and the other in Percolator.

Camera Roll-2992

Then I’ll use Difference to blend and layer the photos together and get this near solarized look to my photos.

Pop & Perc with Pushing Stars

The last one I like to show is how I push stars, then layer them on top of each other to give it that velocity effect to my photos. There’s an endless style of combinations you can so with Pop & Perc. You only need 2 apps, a creative imagination and grip of photos at your camera roll. Please stop by Ginger’s (@sxethang) feed on Instagram, you will not be disappointed and lovely works of art.

If you have any questions just leave comments or email me, check out my page @ashcroft54. Stop by the Combo Apps Flickr Group, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ pages…see you soon…

Infinite powerSeeing the LightSelf_Stairwell Damsel.Snow-slection and Paper LanternsSnow-flection
Bubble Bath OverleadPopsicolor Blend TestEnoughCome along, then ...Sometimes the ocean comes to you like a sweet, secret loverFallen From Grace
FourSplashed with SunFoto.JPGsunrise planet p1Five to Five on Big Ben
Backroad in FloridaThe Pier, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland & RedcarUnexpected ExpectationBonsai - Banksia integrifolia (Coast Banksia) - Stylised version20120618_04


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