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Snow-slection and Paper Lanterns

Today blog is about a reflection app called Color Lake, I found this app and developer in a Studio Talk on Every now and then I like check out the Studio Talk and see what everyone is talking about in app editing. The developer Shahzad is a very nice guy and I wanted to help him out and promote his app for him. He loves to hear suggestions from people who’ve bought the app and is willing to add features with in reason. He will do an update soon to add the rain effect with the lake reflection. Now the photo up above is a one of my Crispy Black and White photos taken with 645 Pro camera app doing the 6×17 mode. I added the snow effect…

Camera Roll-3009

Let’s get started with the on how this app works…as you can see you have 3 buttons on the top of the screen. “Image Select” “Camera Lens” and “Options”.

Camera Roll-3010

Now I’ve loaded another photo I’ve taken with 645 Pro and as you can see it looks like a flood has happened…LOL !!!

Camera Roll-3011
Camera Roll-3012

You tap on the “Options” and you have all your manual features. This is why I love this app so much because of the manual features and controls. I haven’t see any other reflection or flood app with this much control and high resolution settings.

This app has been out for awhile and it was quite expensive for the time which was $4.99 now the app is only $1.99 which is really reasonable for what this type of app can do. This is one of the best reflection water app you can buy in the app market in my opinion. The best part with this app is it saves at high resolution, which I always find an added plus to any photo editing app of this kind.

Camera Roll-3013

I’m going to slide the “Image Height Extention” (anti-cropping) all the way up.

Camera Roll-3014

Now the photo look a little bit better and you can see the building and other surroundings. When you find the settings you like then hit the “Camera Lens” button and this will save your photo.

Reflection Demo

Your photo will look like a flood has happened…better get a boat !!!


Now if you wand to add Snow FX, you go back to your options and slide the button on and you will see snow falling on your photo and you hit the “Camera Lens” button to save your photo.

Camera Roll-3290

Camera Roll-3287

Rain Effect has been updated and added to the mix with this Color Lake. As you can see there is a button added for rain and just like snow you add in how thick (Rain Weight) you want to rain to come down on your photo. The finished edited photo is down below…

Camera Roll-3289

Now he has a web site where you can also contact him so click HERE, if you want to follow him on Twitter click HERE and he has a Facebook Page too so click HERE. Last but not least he’s on Instagram so you can follow him @abaeelenterainment.

This concludes the blog for Color Lake, if you have any questions please leave comments or email me You can also check out my page @ashcroft54. You can also check out Combo Apps Flickr Group (down below), Facebook and Google+ pages…see you soon !!!

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  3. Maria M.Poli says:

    Goodmorning, i buy the color lake app, but dont open the foto library! Who?

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