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Popsicolor Preview from Tinrocket, LLC on Vimeo.

I want to talk about a new app soon to hit the app store called Popsicolor. John Balestrieri emailed me a couple of weeks ago to test out a new app he made from scratch. He told me to get my iPhone registered for Test Flight, so I can play with his new app. I love how John merges food and photo editing into a concept for iPhone Artists. There’s a video promo about the app and what you can do with it. Launch price for the app will $.99 and if you want to find out more info about this app you can click HERE for more details.


There are 3 Focus settings for editing, but you have colors to mix and blend. This is the “Minimal” focus.


“Natural”,where the picture is starting to look like a Gum Print.


“Bold”, now the pictures looks more like a watercolor painting. The colors are very vibrant and you can see the textures come alive.

Drips and Dribbles

Now let’s talk about the “Drips” & “Dribbles” and how they work with this app. While your are waiting for the processing of the app and how your holing your iDevice will determine on the drips & dribbles. So if you holding your iPhone/iPad in your hand while your photo is being processed, you will get the drips and dribbles. Lay your iPhone/iPad on a flat surface you won’t get any kind of drips and dribbles. I thought this was the coolest thing John could add as a feature to the app. I’m hoping over time we can have more control over the drips and dribbles as the app progresses with updates. We even talked about adding a different Popsicle settings such as “Big Stick”, “50/50” and “Push Ups”…maybe a “Fudgsicle” !!!

Right now this app is only at the 1.0 setting, so this app has huge potential to grow. I’m super excited about this app and honored that John Balestrieri asked me to test his app out for him…if you have any questions please leave comments or email me You can check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below, there are also the Facebook, Goggle+ and Instagram pages and forums. You can also check out my splash page @ashcroft54.

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