Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Lan Hoang

Lan Hoang

Hi there my name is Lan !!!

Never mind my last name because it is impossible to pronounce!! I’m not from earth, I bet you never knew! I’m from sort of a crazy planet with girls in bikini ruling the world. You know how that can turn out…
Because my parents wanted me out of their world so they can party all night and live like they were teenagers, they sent me to Earth with the hope that some unlucky guy will fall for me and tame me for eternity! News Flash: it hasn’t happened yet!!!! So I’m still roaming around, at the age of 20, somewhere in the U.S.A.

A few facts about me:

I stay up really late and I wake up really late too. Its a chain reaction, I can’t stop it!
I love spending time with the people I love and I also want to make everyone feel loved!
I love falling asleep to the sound of rain falling and thunderstorm.
Ice-cream is my one and only true love.

And…I think there is no standard in art. Where each person draws the line between art and not art, good as not good is relative and unique from person to person. So one does not have the right to say another person’s creation is “ugly” or “not good enough” because it purely is a personal taste matter. I used to feel down when people unfollowed me on IG (Instagram) when I switched from what is considered “normal editing” to abstract. But then I kept on going and I met just the most wonderful, creative, supportive and kind artists ever !!! So do not be afraid that people won’t like your work, one might think its “ugly” or “not good enough” but someone else might think your work is BRILLIANT !!!

Favorite Apps

1. Snapseed: for quick image tuning! I love the grunge fx.

2. Phototropedelic: for an instant crazy, artsy effect. I love colors so this app is a must for me!

3. Image Blender: for quick blending. I have a stock of textures ready to use and this is my favorite app to add colors and textures.

4. Toonpaint: for picking up details. I mostly use the ink outline feature of this app to pick up details from a picture. Then I use that version to blend with either a phototropedellic-ed vervion or with some sort of textures.

5. Artista Haiku: for am artsy, painterly look. I love the splashed paints on ink outlines look and so this app is awesomeeee.

6. XnView FX: for inverted looks. This app is awesome! It has the best inverted, x-rays and solarized effects on the market! And the even better part is that it’s free!!

7. Filterstorm: for detailed blending. This app is a must for serious blending and masking!

8. Montage: for adding cool decorative designs and for adding shapped parts of an image to an edit.

9. Photowizard: for its curves.

10. Because I couldn’t decide which one to pick, here are some of them: Percolator, Decim8, Perfect Image, iColorama, WordFoto, Juxtaposer, etc…

Do I listen to music when I edit? Nahhh not really! I mostly edit after midnight, when the house is silent and dark. It helps me focus.

All of the awesome artists on IG (Instagram) is my greatest source of influence


1. Here is a picture taken by my friend Patrick Belknap @_pb for my new series and tag #ShitsHappen where all the toilet and bathroom edits are welcome haha.

#ShitsHappen 1

2. In Snapseed, choose Drama to brighten up the image and increase the details as well as saturation.

#ShitsHappen 2

3. Then use the Denoise feature in Filterstorm to smoothen out the image.

#ShitsHappen 3

4. In Perfect Image, I added a few sparkles around the drain just for decoration purposes.

#ShitsHappen 4

5. Now in one of my favorite apps of all time Phototropedellic, I ran it through a few times until I got a version that i liked then saved.

#ShitsHappen 5

6. Going back to Perfect Image, i chose Crystallize in the Effects section. Here is the fun part, I picked the eraser and started erasing the “crystal” to reveal my fancy toilet. THEN, in the Stickers section, I added the heart-shaped balloon to make it more uhmmm interesting? LOL !!!
And VOILA !!!!!!


Winter Wind

1. Start with Flow Paper, I made some spiral patterns then saved.

Winter Wind 1

2. Go into Percolator, I chose Fine for Grind, Full of Stars for Brew and Light & Sweet for Serve.

Winter Wind 2

3. I cropped out a circle of this in Montage and put it in the center of the white background.

Winter Wind 3

4. Also in Montage, using the clip art library, I searched for a wing and a silhouette to create the composition.

Winter Wind 4

5. In Snapseed, after cropping the image into a square, I used Drama to enhance the colors, details as well as saturation.

Winter Wind 5

6. For the snow, i just got this app called Snow Drift (it lets you draw out a shape and then let the snow covers it so it looks like the shape is made of snow). I didn’t draw out anything, just took a screen shot of snow to overlay it with the montage.

Snow Drift 6

7. In Image Blender, I blended the montage with the snow for a uhmmmm snowy effect? LOL !!!

Winter Wind 7

8. I went into iColorama and picked the Sketch effect and let the opacity rests at about 30%.

Winter Wind 8

9. (optional) In Touch Retouch, I erased the mistake ! made on the right.

Winter Wind

And that’s it!

A Moment with Myself

I did this edit for United by Edit daily challenge #ube_thu in only a few simple steps so I want to share with you all. Sometimes less is more.

1. I took this picture with Instagram using Instagram but you can just use any self portrait picture.

A Moment With Myself 1

2. Open up Noir, move the focus circle to the flowers to highlight the flowers ( I didnt want any attention on my face!!) Increase the constrast and brightness inside the circle.

A Moment With Myself 2

3. Open your picture in Perfect Image, choose Scan in the effect section (the magic wand symbol). Choose the eraser and start erasing the effect to reveal the flowers. Now all the focus will be on the pretty flowers!!!

A Moment With Myself 3

4. Load up your black and white picture in Photo Studio FX and choose Symmetry. Save your image.

A Moment With Myself

I hope you enjoyed my small tutorials. Experimenting is the best way to explore and have fun. Don’t play it safe !!! Try something new today !!! I would give YOU a cookie if you have finished reading this whole interview !!!

There are other things about Lan you didn’t know about, she’s is also the Admin at Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr and you can check out her Photostream right HERE !!! You can also click on @gueen_of_spades for follow her on Instagram. There is also another place you can follow her on Instagram, Abstracters Anonymous @abstracters_anonymous. She is one of co-operators of this group, along with @_pb. You can follow their feed and check out the challenges and other artist that follow this group on Instagram. Thanks Lan for sharing your, words, art and editing skills with the world, LAN !!!

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