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Demo Edit with iColorama S

Today’s blog is about an app called iColorama S for the iPhone. Now there is the iPad version called iColorama and there are 2 Lite Versions of the app if you want it for FREE. Each app version is only $.99 and for the features alone this is well worth the $.99 (HERE). This app is also the other alternative to iDroste. Ever since the iOS 5.0 update the app has been inoperable because the app crashes after you load a single photo up for editing. I’ll show you the edit alternative as the blog progresses. The photo up above was taken with Pro Camera and edited with iColorama S. I want to thank my friend Tiffany White (@tiffany916) for sharing this app with me in our normal Kik and Voxer chat.

Camera Roll-2652

You have your choice of 3 different resolution settings. Now the highest resolution is 2048 X 1536, it’s not up to iPhone 4 resolution. The funny this is if you save the photo as a square you will get 2048 x 2048, but you’re also down grading on resolution by 2 megapixels. Which is a lot in today’s standards when a lot of people have an iPhone 4s. When the iPhone 5 comes out the resolution will even be higher than the 4s…

Camera Roll-2653

The button on the top are pretty self explained as you can see I’m in “Adujst” mode. You slide your finger across the top to fine the adjustment your looking for. I picked Enhance and you have button to take on the bottom like Enhance, Brightness, Opacity and slider button. Tap on apply at the top before save when you are done with enhancing your photo.

Camera Roll-2655

Camera Roll-2656

Color is the second editing option you have on the top tool bar. It the same thing as Adjust. You scroll through with your finger to choose what type of color editing you want with your photo. Now some of the Color edits has a sub-option built in each of the colors. There are lots to choose from to fit most of color editing needs. As you can see there are 20 different options to choose from just in the Pastel department alone, tap on apply after you decide on your color.

Camera Roll-2657

Camera Roll-2659

Camera Roll-2660

Let’s talk about the FX and Escher style of editing with this app, as you can see this was the alternative iDroste option of editing you can do with this app. It has 2 different editing option and some detailed features to adjust your Escher style of editing. For me this is a great break through since the loss of iDroste app and I hope for others people will pick this app up to make up for the loss. I will show you 2 examples below. Tap on Apply for which option your like.

iColorama S Demo 2

iColorama S Demo 1

These look pretty cool and a stand alone editing option in itself.

Camera Roll-2661

Style is like texture for the surface of your photo. There are lots of options to choose from in the Style department. Slide your finger across to pick your Style and the tap on Apply.

Demo Editing for Combo Apps Blogs

Now here is a photo I edit with iColorama S, Percolator, Rays, DXP, PS Express and a secret app I’m testing out for a developer. He asked me not to show screen shots of the app because he is working out the kinks and adding features. This secret app will be shown and talked about in the future blogs to come. All I can say is I’m very excited about it…

Here is a You Tube Video Demo of using the app with the iPad. If you have any questions about this blog please leave comments or email me You can also check out my page @ashcroft54 where I’m linked to on the internet. Have a good day or evening and see you soon…

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