Pixel Mixer for 31 Days

Pixel Mixer 27/31

Sorry for my last month project blog, I’ve been really busy lately. Today will be a special blog and my first in talking about cross-platforms, iPhone and Android. You can pick this app for FREE in both markets. You can get this app for the iPad too. What’s great is this app support full resolution but it’s not completely at full resolution. As I go more into detail and the break down of this you will see what it doesn’t support for full resolution. Overall this app is really AWESOME because it’s FREE. Most people who read my blogs or follow my forums know I LOVE FREE AWESOME APP. This app is pretty powerful what for the features and editing. As an avid app collector and addict, I highly recommend you pick this baby up. This app is fast, simple and fun to use for quick on mobile editing…

Camera Roll-2579

Camera Roll-2580

The top screen shot I’m going to “Select” a photo to do a demo edit with this app. I load up my photo in the screen shot below, if you noticed the have different effects. You can choose up up 3 filters and some of them have 3 different settings, low, medium and high.

Camera Roll-2581

Swipe you finger across the screen to pick the filter you want to use for editing…I pick the Avatar. As I said earlier you can pick up to 3 filters and some have 3 settings. How you know which filter has the 3 settings is they have 3 dots above them. You tap on the filter until you like the setting, low, medium and high.

Camera Roll-2582

The Texture setting on this app is only a one time use or you can only apply it once. Slide your finger across the bottom and choose which texture you like to apply on your photo.

Camera Roll-2583

Frames, you can pick what frame you want to apply on top of your photo. Again all you have t do is slide your finger across to decide which frame you want to apply on top of your photo. Now if you don’t like what you apply on top you can always hit the “trash can” or tap on a new frame. It’s like that with all the editing options, Filters, Textures and Frames. You can also save your edits as a preset if you like by tapping on the “Star+” button.

Camera Roll-2585

Camera Roll-2586

There are 2 saves options Optimize Size and Original Size. Optimize is low res and Original is high res. Some of the filters can only do Optimize Size, if you tap on the “i” blue button, the app will list what filters can only do Optimize Size.

Pixel Mixer Demo Photo

My final edited photo with Pix: Pixel Mixer. Now if you have any questions or opinions please leave a comment or email me ashcroft54@gmail.com. You can also check out my about.me page @ASHCROFT54 where I’m linked to everything on the internet. You can also check out my forum on Instagram @combo_apps, where I do mini app reviews and quick edit tips.

Pixel Mixer 1/31Pixel Mixer 2/31Pixel Mixer 3/31Pixel Mixer 4/31Pixel Mixer 5/31Pixel Mixer 6/31
Pixel Mixer 7/31Pixel Mixer 8/31Pixel Mixer 9/31Pixel Mixer 10/31Pixel Mixer 11/31Pixel Mixer 12/31
Pixel Mixer 13/31Pixel Mixer14/31Pixel Mixer 15/31Pixel Mixer 16/31Pixel Mixer 17/31Pixel Mixer 18/31
Pixel Mixer 19/31Pixel Mixer 20/31Pixel Mixer 21/31Pixel Mixer 22/31Pixel Mixer 23/31Pixel Mixer 24/31

Pixel Mixer for 31 Days, a set on Flickr.



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