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Tonight blog is about making the slideshow on your iPhone with Photo Slideshow Director. You can pick this app for your iPhone for $.99 and iPad version on sale for $1.99 normally $3.99 for a limited time. Making slideshow with your photos have come a long way since Power Point, not it’s possible to make decent to near professional looking slideshows with your iDevices. The only downfall is when you upload them onto YouTube, you can’t watch them on your mobile devices with the songs you use with your slideshows. Even if you paid for the songs on iTunes, you still can’t see them on your mobile devices. You can see them on your desktop or laptop computer but I’ve found a way you can watch them mobile devices.

Camera Roll-2269

Let’s get started with this app, we’ve loaded up Photo Slideshow Diretor on you iPhone. If you noticed the slideshow I’ve made is still in the app itself.

Camera Roll-2270

New button.

Camera Roll-2271

Export button.

Camera Roll-2272

Now lets get into the nitty gritty of this app in making your personal slideshow. There are several buttons to choose from with this app.

Camera Roll-2273

We will start with the Synchronize button on the top right. You can change the duration and synchronizing of the photos to go along with your song for how you want your flow to work with the photos.

Camera Roll-2274

The Gear button will tell you how long the slide is, transition of the photos and if you want to keep repeating your slideshow.

Camera Roll-2276

When you tap on the Dice button, this is how make your pictures change it’s transition to the next photo in the slideshow. For now I just pick random for all my photos. I think the next slideshow I make I will pick a different flow of transitions of each photos. It’s really up to you in how you want your slideshow to work.

Camera Roll-2277

Themes are how you want your background to look in your slideshows. There are a lot of different ones to choose from, I just picked a simple black background for my slideshow. The photos work really well with black because of the Crispy Black and Whites.

Camera Roll-2278

Pick your music to go with your slideshow, it’s cut and dry on how to choose what you want.

Camera Roll-2279

Picking your photo is up to you and where you want to draw from, I had my Crispy Black and Whites already in a folder. If you plan to make a slide show with your photos, I recommend you make a folder just for your slideshow. It makes it easier for you pick from and less mistakes are made when choosing the photos you want in your slideshow.

Camera Roll-2281

This is the trick in watching your slideshow on mobile devices. As you can see I’m on Safari on my iPhone in Mobile mode.

Camera Roll-2282

Scroll down with your finger and you will see Desktop at the bottom of Feedback. Tap on Deccktop

Camera Roll-2283

BAM !!! You’re in Desktop mode on your iPhone and this if how you watch your slideshow on your mobile devices.

Camera Roll-2284

If you want to go back to Mobile just scroll down and tap on Mobile Version.

This concludes this weeks blog if you have an questions just leave comments or email me You can also check how my page @ashcroft54 for everything I’m connected to on the internet. If you want to check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr just click on the group below or hit the “like” button on the Combo Apps Facebook Page. Have a good evening and see you next week !!!

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    Happy Mother’s Day, Cheryl!Tara, you and I have got some great mothers! I would so lost in so many ways woithut her. She is my best friend and I go to her for everything. I can tell her just about anything. I imagine your mother is like mine!

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