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Marble Madness

Today it’s about two things, one is FREE app called Marble Cam and two is Marble Monday on Instagram. I know there has been a growing number of us (including me) have been on that editing rut lately. It feels like you’ve run out of ideas or your bore of how your editing your own photos. My reason for my editing rut is I’m constantly at it to write editing blogs. I’ve hit that wall at this point in time. I’m thinking about taking a break in July or August for about a month of Combo Apps. I’ll keep the Guest Blogger and Monthly Project going. Right now I have a couple of project to do before I can take a break from blogging. You will see those project come to light in June.

Let’s talk about Marble Monday, I’m trying to get 1 Million hash tags of Marble Monday. that’s when I’ll stop doing the Marble Monday. So far there are 500+ #marble_monday. Now I highly recommend you check out the Marble Gallery and see all the lovely Marble Photos and edited images. It’s a sight to see on Instagram. I love how a lot of the people got into the project with the beautiful simple photos and images of their Marble creations. It was my way to jump-start everyone to editing, reason to like Mondays and get everyone reacquainted with each other again on Instagram. We all tend to stray from what we love doing because we get burned out.

Camera Roll-2156

Marble Cam is the app I will be talking about and this is the start screen. The app is FREE and it one of those worth picking up at the app store for it’s (“one trick pony”) edit style. A very simple and easy app to operate too, which is always nice and a great way to start you into the iPhoneography World. There’s only 5 button to operate with this app, Save, Camera, Album, Share and i on the top right hand corner.

Camera Roll-2157

Photo size, you can pick out two different types of ratios with this app. As you can see you will see what the pixel size will be when you’re using this app.

Camera Roll-2158

Options of where you want to share your Marble Creations.

Camera Roll-2159

Button 6 pops up after you either take your photo or get it from your photo album. It has two arrow in a semi-circle. That is your rotate button on the app, you can flip in 4 directions, left, right and right-side up, right-side down. I will show the examples down below.

Marble Demo 1

Marble Demo 2

Either way you photo looks like a cool Marble…

Marble Cam Update

I wanted to add the Marble Cam update to this blog, now you can choose from 2 sizes of marbles. The image up above should explain it all with the options showing which size you want to render your marble at. This make the app just a little bit more exciting for all us on Marble Monday.

Pic Frame & Marble Cam

Now I’m going to show you how you can push your pixels after you’ve used Marble Cam. The app saves at low resolution 720 x 720 and some of us like to make a larger version of our marbles. Here is one trick that really works well, you can use the app Pic Frame to push the resolution of your Marble photo and you can use Diptic if you don’t have Pic Frame.

1. Load up Pic Frame and you see all the different frames. You can also change the ratio of the frame at the top right hand corner too. You will pick the Square or rectangle depends on the ratio you have saved your Marble Photo.

2. Load the Photo you want in the Square, for example a photo you just did with Marble Cam.

3. Save you photo at high resolution by pushing the slider control all the way across to the max. You will see the numbers go up and down as you push the slider left to right.

4. You have your quick high res photo ready to go for editing layers and blending or posting on Flickr or any other social share site.

Tip and Trick from @deeashley

Now here’s another cool tip given to and tagged from a follower on Insatgram (@deeashly). Dionne Hartnett @deeashley loves to share tips and trick with me, she’s been a long time follower of mine when I started Combo Apps. We go back and fourth with iPhoneography, Photography and editing. She is a wealth of information, so please follow her and check out her FEED.

Demo Marble

This will be my demo photo I’ll be using with Percolator. A lot of people who have Percolator might now know there are other options hidden within the app, so I’m going to show you these great hidden edits to “perk-up” your Percolations.

Camera Roll-2166

Now if you noticed there are 3 option in cursive fonts that are GRIND, BREW and SERVE. Those 3 button will open up the app into a more complex and detailed editing app, I usually use the regular preset with the app. Recently I’ve been really playing and pushing this app because of my editing block. This app is $1.99 in the App Store, most of you all who follow or read my blogs is one of my most used and favorite editing app. I’m very good friends with the developer, John Balestrieri. I know he’s working on another update with his app.

Camera Roll-2169

Grind has more circles and effects to play with while you edit. This alone you can get lost in percolations of flipping the wheel and re-grind your images.

Camera Roll-2167

Brew is the editing option I think Dionne was talking about with me. It has Pic and Blend. You can decide on how you want to blend your photos with the stars and circles.

Camera Roll-2168

Serve has Tone and Textures you can app to your percolated images. This is another way of getting lost in the mix of editing. There are so many options and possibilities you can mix with in the Serve area.


Here’s my edited percolated marble image and the resolution size is 2048 x 2048 which is 4mp. Now you know about this hidden gem inside the Percolator App to push your editing creativity.

The last part I wanted to add to this blog is you can find the developer of Marble Cam on Instagram. His name is @dice_s if you want to follow him or give him helpful ideas to improve his app. One thing I’m willing to pay for is higher resolution and iAds shut off. I do follow him on my @combo_apps IG account. If you have any questions about this blog please leave comments or email me You can check out my page if you want to follow me on social network @ashcroft54. You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below. Have a great day and see you next week !!!

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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Marble Mondays

  1. melia says:

    thanks for the reminder tip on up’ing the resolution in another app. i had downloaded MarbleCam, and then deleted because of low resolution. but now i can enjoy again.

    great blog


    • ashcroft54 says:

      Marble Cam just had an update !!!

    • Apenth says:

      Hi Alexia, thanks for sitppong by! I don’t have a specific number for you, but generally the more tags you include, the more likely it is that people will find your photos. It also depends on the subject matter. Try experimenting to see which ones get more response. Also, you can always go back later and add another comment to your photo with more tags to generate additional responses. Leave your Instagram handle so I can check out your photos

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  3. DeeAshley says:

    Wow! I know this post is old (as of 3/23/15), but I just wanted say thanks for the mention! I never knew until now where that percolator trick that kept popping up in various histories, was coming from! It’s been years now, and I still love reading your posts and have learned so much from your tips, reviews, and of coarse, all of your combo apps-related content. Your consistency and knowledge base has been truly refreshing in an age of too many fly-by-night blogs, sites and authors, etc. in the iphoneography field. You have certainly had a positive impact on this unique community of artists. Hopefully, you and your site have been getting the great recognition that you deserve. Cheers! “deeashley”

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