Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Shelby Land

Shelby Land Guest Blogger

You might know Shelby as @cr8v_eye on Instagram. She’s as beautiful as her editing skills with her iPod Touch…so sit back and read all about her and life in Central Canada.

Shelby Land’s Bio:

I’m a 38 year old Canadian gal who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my husband, two children, and three dogs. Exploring all areas of art has been part of my life since I can remember. I was a performing artist as a child, and was dedicated to being a modern jazz dancer for a well known professional dance company, Royal Winnipeg Ballet for 12 years. I have also received awards and certificates for my visual and performing arts. My experience in fine arts includes animation, sculpting, painting, airbrushing, attending the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Manitoba, completion of a certificate in Floral Design, and lastly, but most recently, a course on Digital Photography. In the past 8 years I have put down my pencils, brushes, dancing, and floral designing for the fascinating world of photography and digital art. Although I do miss the hands on approach to making art, with the short amount of time I have in the day to release my creative energy, I feel that photography and digital art is more convenient. When I struggle with so many ideas for photo editing, my little iPod touch gives me very satisfying results in a short amount of time. The amount of creative photo editing projects is endless, you just need to open yourself up to the realms of exploring and experimenting with apps!


1. What’s the top 10 apps you use the most ?

Well this is going to be a hard one, since I consider myself an app hoarder and love to get my hands on an editing app (even if it just has one interesting feature for me to use)! I feel that no matter how many apps I play around with, I always gravitate to the same ones for the beginning and the end when editing a photo. Ok, so now that I have thought it through, I have narrowed it down:

1 App: Camera +, for clarity, crop/resize and or filter/exposure effects.

2 App: PS Express for Noise Reduction & sharpening. In my opinion, this is the best app for Noise Reduction.

3 App: PhotoStudio has been my all time favorite since I first started editing photos. I use it for layers of filters and effects with the draw/erase feature. It is also great for selectively drawing over your photo where you want your effects. Not too many apps have this feature, and I sometimes end up resorting to Filterstorm for blending photos.

4 App: Juxtaposer for super imposing, cropping/cutting out, and layering objects. Great for those surreal and abstract photos.

5 App: Lens Light/Dynamic Light. Sorry, but it is a tie on this one. These amazing apps add life and sparkle to my photos.

6 App: >Frame Magic for framing or adding an artistic border. Dipstic for borders and awesome layouts for my photos. I also use it for making amazing symmetrical patterns in an abstract piece.

7 App: Filterstorm for double exposures, blending and tilt shift.

8 App: Snapseed for dramatic quality and detail. I love the selective adjustment tools (brightness, contrast, saturation). It can make a huge difference in correcting exposures or adding a completely different feeling to your photo art.

9 App: iWatermark for finalizing my photo art and leaving my name stamped to my image.

10 App: Squaready for resizing my photos for Instagram or other apps that only work with square formatted images. Lately I have been on Tadaas photo sharing site more than Instagram, and Tadaa does not require your photos to be squared.

Well, I thought I was going to have great difficulty choosing 10 apps from the 100+ apps I currently have on my iPod, But when you narrow down the list to the ones you most rely on when creating an image, it really puts things into perspective. All of my other apps are used mostly for fun effects, or very extreme experimental edits!

2. Do you listen to music when you shoot your photos & when you edit them ?

I don’t usually listen to music while I’m editing, as I do most of my editing on my break at work or late at night when my kids are asleep, although there have been many times a certain song or music video is stuck in my head and I can’t wait to start editing from a flood of ideas that won’t leave me.

3. Who are your influences ?

My first influence was my dad in my early toddler yrs, as he is a self taught artist who taught me how to color in the lines, and the basics and backbones to drawing.
During my high school yrs leading into Fine Arts at University, I was (and still am) heavily influenced by:
Edgar Degas for his amazing and beautiful pastel work;
Salvador Dali for his unique and fascinating way of distorting and combining images together;
M.C Escher for his very detailed, illusionary work. His symmetrical abstracts are very hypnotic, mesmerizing and full of depth!
My most recent influences are Josephine Wall for her beautiful works in fantasy and escapism. Her work is full of colorful detail and can be very exotic.
Si Scott for his simplistic but unbelievable graphic design patterns and images. I have always wanted to have one of his pieces as a tattoo. Maybe one day…
Oh and I can’t forget the influences and endless inspiration I get from the many wonderful talented photographers/photo artists I have become friends with on Instagram and Tadaa. I feed off of other artists energy, creativity, and desire to explore, experiment and create!!!

4. Where do you photograph ? What do you like to photograph ? Why do you like to photograph ?

I photograph anything, anywhere, whenever and when the mood strikes me or when I know that I might miss that certain shot!
If I go on nature walks I will try to shoot macros of flowers, leaves, etc with my photojojo magnetic lenses. I tend to repeatedly take photos of trees, skies, clouds, rusted objects, urban decay, landscapes of fields, and trains and train tracks (Hey, I live in the prairies).

5. While editing what goes through your mind ? Do you think about things going on with you life or just edit ?

Before I start editing, I go through the ideas of what feelings and emotions I want to try and portray in my images. While I’m editing I am continuously trying to think of how I can incorporate different steps into my editing process. As each piece is original, so is the process, which makes it that much harder to remember what apps/filters/effects I used and when.
A lot of my daily life as a full time employee for a furniture & design company, mother to two kids and three dogs, a wife to a very busy, patient and hands on father, comes into play when editing my photos. That is why my gallery showcases photo art and photographs that can be put into many different categories (nature, abstract, fantasy, portraits etc)!

6. What is it like to do all your editing with an iPod Touch ? The readers would like to know your options. You’re the first guest blogger that’s I’ve had with an iPod Touch.

Although I do miss creating artwork with a more hands on approach with pencils, brushes, paper, sculpting and drawing, my IPod has been the most creative device I have used since I have put down all my other creative tools. I have never felt so passionate about creating artwork on a little touch ipod screen. Yes, it has it’s pros and cons, but I have learned to work within its scale and megapixel range. The one big fault to using an iPod is its focusing range on the camera. It doesn’t have the 8mp that the latest IPhone has, which limits your shooting distances. With the help of the photojojo lenses and telephoto lens it does help a bit.
Also, because the IPod is not a phone and relies on wifi connection and hotspots, I cannot be connected instantly to the Internet to download apps or get onto Instagram or Tadaa to share a finished edited photo. I usually have to wait till I get home or find a wifi hotspot. But for the most part I thoroughly enjoy releasing my creative juices on this little gadget that goes everywhere I go! I wished there was as big a following for Ipodography as there is for iphoneography. There needs to be just as much attention and tools for the iPod photographer as there is for iPhone users (that’s just my opinion)!

7. What’s like like in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ? I don’t get many people in Central Canada.

Winnipeg used to be referred to as “Chicago of the North”, and was booming in the early 1900’s. As a result, there remains a lot of heritage buildings, warehouses converted to condos, and old eclectic neighborhoods lined with elm trees which bring character to our city. Living in the middle of the prairies isolates, and also strengthens, the vibrant music/arts community. Our long winters bring people together to share ideas and support each other. We are known as “Friendly Manitoba” for a reason.
Winnipeg is also a mosaic of ethnic diversity, with so many interesting people and cultures. To have Greek, Jamaican, Ukrainian, Metis, Italian, Filipino, East Indian, Portuguese (and the list goes on and on) restaurants, stores, crafts/art, businesses and communities side by side each other, there is no place better to live! Living in Winnipeg has its ups and downs when it comes to taking photos. Our winters are beautifully decorated with snow, but can reach as low as -40 degrees Celsius, and last as long as 5-6 months of the yr! When the temperature drops this low, photography is usually kept indoors (especially with iPhones and iPod’s), as exposed skin will be frost bitten. Our flat lands, big blue skies, and open prairie fields make for interesting and spectacular landscape photos. The summers are short but can be intensely dry and hot. For me, Autumn is the most beautiful season of all. Full of amazing rich colors, Indian summers, cool breezes, less Mosquitos, and picture taking at its best!

Shelby Land 1

A Peaceful Cloudy Moment

This photo was captured on an overcast day(great for photography), while I took a stroll through one of our protected forest’s that has a large marsh area. Although I don’t usually like to center my subjects, I found it worked quite well for this focal point in this landscape photograph. Ok, time to backtrack on my editing process.

1: First, the above photo is the untouched original taken with my iPod touch.

2: Now the bottom image includes these steps; I then put it through Camera+, and used Clarity and Vibrant color filters.

3: Next used PS Express for Noise Reduction and Sharpness.

4: Then used Dynamic Light’s Fx Infrared filter(for the clouds).

5: Used the colored photo from step #3 and ran it through Dynamic Light’s Mysterious Light Filter for more subtle color richness.

6: Then put through last color photo and the Infrared photo as dbl exposures through Filterstorm and blended the Infrared clouds into the colored photo.

7: After saving the blended image I then used PhotoStudio for their selective Blur effect(I can brush over selected areas for the blurring effect). This was a difficult step, as I had to zoom in and carefully brush around bullrushes and tall grass, also blurred certain areas of the sky to keep the horizon line and foreground clear.

8: I then used Lenslight to tuck in a sun with added rays. Saved.

9: Took this final colored image and used the app Ripped to get the ripped frame affect(also altered the frame by darkening the image so the center photo pops out more)

10: Then I usually end my edits with the iWatermark app, and stamped my artwork with my name and Voila!!

11: Oh, I guess I can include the app Montage for combing these 2 images into a collage and framing it out. Phew… Hope this editing process didn’t confuse the hell out of anyone?!!

Camera Roll-2175

Camera Roll-2176

The Eye Of The Storm

For this edit there were more steps involved and I tried to include some of the main steps from the beginning(the 4 smaller images on top), and the final image on the bottom.

1: I used a quite boring landscape photo of trees(taken again on an overcast day).

2: I then took that image to the Tiny Planet App and processed the same image twice, using the Tiny Planet effect, than in the next photo using the Tiny Tube effect.

3: I took both photos to PS Express and reduced noise and sharpened both images.

4: Then blended both photos using Filterstorm.

5: I then decided to take a photo of tree tops with clouds(not shown), and put it through Diptic to form a symmetrical pattern in the 4 corners(bottom right photo).

6: Went back to Filterstorm and blended the two last images together which now formed my base photo. Now it’s time to add color, depth and cropped images.

7: I now added the center eye(an older photo of my eye), with a few crows by using Juxtaposer.

8: By using an app called Weather FX, I added some lightning bolts coming down from the pupil.

9: Colored the image using PhotoStudio’s Rust Texture, and Lemoore color overlay by brushing over certain areas.

10: Then used my fav app Lenslight to bring the eye to life, by adding several sparks of light and rays illuminated from the eye.

11: Cropped and framed image using Snapseed.

12: Stamped my name using iWatermark. And Tadaa!!

13: I also used Montage to make this Collage of photos.


Psychedelic Self Portrait

Ok, here we go. The last photo edit. I did this one a while back just shortly after I was approached by Tina to be a guest on her blog. I didn’t take notes or make reminders of the editing process for this one, so I apologize if it seems I may have missed a step.

1: So just like my last two photo edits, I always like to include the original photo so the viewer can see how much the photo had evolved and transformed into the final piece. I have always had a good response when posting this way, so people can appreciate the work(if u can call it that!) involved in the editing process. As well it gives the viewers ideas or a chance to ask questions about how I achieved that look. It’s all about learning and sharing techniques, tricks and knowledge in this amazing photography community.

2: I first used Camera+ for Clarity and Bright Exposure. Saved.

3: Then took that same image and used the HDR filter. Saved.

4: Blended the two images with Filterstorm and liked applying the HDR background and my hair to the overexposed face.

5: Added a few colored starbursts from Lenslight. Saved.

6: Used the app Percolator to add the star effect.

7: Blended the last two images and just brushed the stars around the face and background.

8: Then decided to try out a new app I had at the time called Kyoobik FX. And used a colored grid effect(sorry I can’t remember the exact filter) and altered the spacing and amount of tiles in the photo. Saved.

9: Took the last photo and used Framemagic to center it, and then used the photo from step #5 as the background frame, for depth and interest.

10: Finalized it with my stamped name using iWatermark and there we have it!

Since this is my last edit, I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Tina Rice @ashcroft54 for letting me have this wonderful & exciting opportunity on your blog! And to David Kotz @scrubmonkey for your valued friendship from IG and choosing me to be Tina’s guest blogger. And to all of you amazing amateur and professional photographers/iPhoneographers/iPodographers out there…Keep your eyes open to what’s around you, Keep snapping away, and don’t forget to step out of your boundaries, explore, experiment and be Cr8tv!

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