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Today, I wanted to talk about 2 FREE editing app worth picking up at the App Store, Power Photo and Ultimate Photo Editor. I came across both app on App Shopper. Now if you don’t have App Shopper, I highly recommend you pick that app up too. It’s FREE and it will tell when apps go on sale or for FREE. This is how I find out when photo apps does on sale or for free. They will also tell you if the app has been updated too.

Camera Roll-2070

Let’s talk about Power Photo, this app normally sells for $2.99 at the App Store. This app is FREE for a limited time, not sure how long. Power Photo is an editing app that you can either shoot from the camera part or load from your photo library. I’ve taken a photo for this demo edit. Recently this app had a huge upgrade for better results with iPhone 4s.

Camera Roll-2071

When you load a photo from your photo library you will notice you have photo resolution options, which is nice if don’t want to do full resolution. I prefer to use full res for all my editing, but this is always nice to have the option to lower resolution editing.

Camera Roll-2072

After you choose your photo, you will see what your resolutions side at the top right hand side. The button are pretty self explanatory of how they work while you’re editing your photos.

Camera Roll-2073


Camera Roll-2074


Camera Roll-2075


Camera Roll-2076

Editing Filters.

Camera Roll-2077

I really like this Retinex FX for editing my photo. It gives you that tone map/HDR effect to you photo.

Camera Roll-2079

You can also share your photo to the basic 3 photo share social network sites.

Demo and Edited Power Photo Blog

My finished edited photo from Power Photo. I added Soft Glow and Noise Reduction to my edited photo. The only thing this editing app lack are the ability to do layer masking and textures. You can do pretty much anything else with this app, even for $2.99 this app offers a lot of features. I’m hoping that the developer will add the universal option of using it on the iPad. This is an iPhone only editing app. In my opinion this app will give Filterstorm, Snapseed and Photo Forge 2 for it’s UI, it’s very simple to operate and for the beginner iPhoneographer. I recommend you getting this app to start off with, before getting the more advance editing app. For the more advance iPhoneographer this might not be your go to app for editing and if you’re a collector of apps such as myself. You will like it for a some of the slight variation editing features it has to offer. Overall, Power Photo is s super AWESOME app.

Camera Roll-2080

Now let’s talk about Ultimate Photo Editor, the other FREE app for a limited time. This is another great beginner, easy to use and starting out in the iPhoneography World. Very simple UI, full of great editing features and universal to the iPad. You can see there are 3 button to tap on the top of the screen, LOAD, EFFECTS and SAVE with a pretty background to boot.

Camera Roll-2081

Here’s my demo photo loaded up and ready to be edit in the EFFECTS.

Camera Roll-2082

Camera Roll-2083

Camera Roll-2084

As you can see there are 3 pages of EFFECTS to drag across the screen.

Camera Roll-2085

I’m going to use the enhance part of editing. You will see there are 4 different options of enhancing your photo. After I’m done picking 1 out of the 4, I will tap on apply to go to the next type of effect. I end up picking Night for my enhancement.

Camera Roll-2086

Camera Roll-2087

There are different film effect you can choose from, I’m going to pick out Singe and hit apply.

Camera Roll-2088

When you decide if you want to use the STICKERS for you editing, you can download the FREE pack that comes with the app. I;m guessing in the future more stickers will be added to this app or packages of sticker to be bought in the near future. I’m not sure what the developer has in mind for the future of this app but I’m sure you can email him or leave comments on his blog right HERE.

Demo and Edit for Ultimate Photo Editor

Here is my finished photo, I just wanted to add that this is a stand alone editing app with no camera part. The app does saves at low resolution 720 x 960, so again if your looking for a high res or advance features. You’re not going to get it with this app. I would use this app for fast editing and load them up on Instagram, Path, Facebook or Google+ type of sharing. It’s a quick and easy app to have hand in case you need a fast upload. Overall this app is great for what it can do and has the universal capability of iPhone/iPad ready.

Now if you have any questions about this blog please leave comments or email me You can also check out my page @ashcroft54 to find everything I’m linked to on the web. Please check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below. Have a nice day and see you soon…

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