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Today I wanted to talk about a cheaper alternative lens clip adapter Ollcollp by Sain Sonic. You can also purchase them on Amazon for about $30 plus shipping, click HERE for more info…

Let’s talk about the story behind the lens clip shall we, this all started with the winner of The Fool’s Challenge Katrina Bews. She lives in Canada and the iTunes card code I gave didn’t work because I live in California. So I asked her what she wanted instead of the iTunes Card. She wanted lens adapter for her iPhone 4s, so I said give me sometime and I’ll get you that. I went shopping on Amazon and found a cheaper alternative to the Olloclip. I’m not going to compare with the two clips because I don’t have both clips to compare and that’s not fair. But what I will do is show you the photos I took with the Ollcollp and you decide if you want to buy it.

Ollcollp Demo with Qbro

This is the Wide Angle shot taken with Qbro of my backyard. It’s looks pretty good and when I was playing with the clip last night in my bedroom. There is a wide angle distortion when using the wide angle lens clip. Now I love the wide angle distortion but some people don’t like the distorted look to their photos.

Ollcollp Demo with Pro Camera

This is the Pro Camera Fisheye shot I did with the Fisheye Clip. I wanted to show you that you will have the black edges when using the fisheye clip.

Ollcollp Demo with Qbro

The Qbro version shows only a bit of the black edge corners.

Ollcollp Demo with Qbro

Macro dirt with Qbro, is you noticed the edges kind of do a zoom blur. You really have to get close up using the macro to get things into focus.

Ollcollp Demo with Qbro

Here are some macro leave I took with the macro lens (Qbro). You will noticed that the macro is on the soft side which gives you that artsy macro look to your photos.

Over all I know two things, one Katrina is in for a treat for her new lens clip. She also told me just in time for her European trip in June. Two for the money I’m going to buy myself this lens clip. It works well for what it can do and for half of the price that Olloclip and comes in 3 colors Black, Red and Blue. I have to take my Mophie Case off to use the lens clip but it’s totally worth it !!! I highly recommend the Ollcollp to have for iPhoneography gear, along with the iStabilizer and Joby Gorillapod with Magnetic Mounts. Only thing you really need for on the go iPhoneography.

If you have any questions please leave comments or email me You can also check out my page @ashcroft54 where You can find everything I’m linked to on the web. See you soon and hope you enjoy the blog and check out Katrina Bews feed on Insatgram @treedles.

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Ollcollp by Sain Sonic

  1. a r d e e says:

    ooooooh I want to check this out Tina! I didn’t want to shell out 70 bucks for the O clip…but this alternative might be good! thanks!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      From what I saw on the Olloclip website and playing with the alternative Ollcollp, the optics look about the same. It looks like you’re paying for the name, Olloclip. So save yourself the money and get the alternative instead for half of the price.

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