Lo-Mob for 30 Days

Lo-Mob 2

Let’s talk about a camera app called Lo-Mob, the photo up above is an example of the many presets of editing styles available for this app. It’s one of the best black and white conversion apps you buy, as you can see up above. I also think it’s one of the best app for analog looking photo conversions for editing your photos. This was one of the first apps I got into when I started with iPhoneography. Doing this project helps me reacqcaint and reintroduce myself with the many, many camera and editing apps I have or forgotten on my iPhone. This edit is Tri-Black Film.

Camera Roll-1937

Camera Roll-1938

The photo is loaded up and ready to go to be edited. When you load you photo up you have 2 options to choose from. One you can take the photo or load the photo from your photo library. There are 2 button to tap on after you load up this camera app. I’ve already shot this with the camera part of the app.

Camera Roll-1939

After the photo is loaded you can tap on the center bar to edit your photo. and you can scroll down to the different types of preset edits on this app. They have many options of different styles of editing.

Camera Roll-1940

I like how the 35mm Medium Format edit look with my loaded photo, but there is something else I want to show you before I save this photo.

Camera Roll-1941

When you tap on the photo you will see these options for more editing. I came across this by accident when I shove my iPhone in my pocket at work. Now be careful when you do this because if you tap on the photo this edit mode. the photo will move around and be off kilter from the frame. It’s really hard to put it back in it’s original state because the frame and photo just barely fit. Make sure you’re careful in this mode while editing or it will be a nightmare to fit the photo in the frame. Tap on the circle arrow to go back the original edit or the other edit by tapping off the edit options.

Camera Roll-1942

When you save your photo you have other options you can do with your photo, the buttons you tap on pretty much says it all with what they do.

Lo-Mob 1

My saved photo !!!

Camera Roll-1944

Tap on the “Gear Button” to set up your Lo-Mob to your liking, I’ve pretty much turned everything on.

Camera Roll-1946

You can tap on the “?” and get this step by step on how to operate the app. This is kind of cool because everything is right there and you don’t have to go one line to read all this on a website…you can click HERE.

Lo-Mob 3

Lo-Mob 4

Here are two more different types of edit you can use with this app.

You can also check out the FEED I did the whole month with this app below. Lo-Mob sells for $1.99 at the App Store, overall this app is well worth the price, easy to operate and great results for just doing simple editing with beautiful conversions of analog photography. You really can’t go wrong with this app.

If you have an questions please leave comments or email me ashcroft54@gmail.com. You can also check out all the Combo Apps groups and pages on the side bar. You want to follow me or find everything I’m linked to then check out my about.me page @ASHCROFT54. See you next month my next month long project is Pix: Pixel Mixer.

Lo-Mob 1/30Lo-Mob 2/30Lo-Mob 3/30Lo-Mob 4/30Lo-Mob 5/30Lo-Mob 6/30
Lo-Mob 7/30Lo-Mob 8/30Lo-Mob 9/30Lo-Mob 10/30Lo-Mob 11/30Lo-Mob 12/30
Lo-Mob 13/30Lo-Mob 14/30Lo-Mob 15/30Lo-Mob 16/30Lo-Mob 17/30Lo-Mob 18/30
Lo-Mob 19/30Lo-Mob 20/30Lo-Mob 21/30Lo-Mob 22/30Lo-Mob 23/30Lo-Mob 24/30

Lo-Mob for 30 Days, a set on Flickr.


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