Combo Apps/ Ambiguous Portrait Series


I’m going to introduce you to a new series of editing with portraits given to me by other photography, iPhoneographer and friends. What I’ll be doing is editing their self portraits in the most extreme and ambiguous way possible. Why am I doing this ? It’s simple I’ve starting to run into a wall of editing photos and I need something fresh to get my editing juices flowing. If you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting much lately on Instagram and mostly Crispy Black and Whites on Tadaa. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and editing photos hasn’t been doing it for me lately. I did some ambiguous portraits and posted them on my main Insatgram account (click HERE). Then one day while I was walking around on my break at work, I decided to this series. Collaboration is nothing new and it’s been done by a ton of artists. I asked Jen is she could email me some self portraits to me so I could edit them. We both have this love for a photographer name Cindy Sherman.

Cindy Sherman is an American Photographer who does self portraits of herself. She is always constantly reinventing herself as someone else in her self portraits. I’ve been lucky to see her collection of photographs at LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) in their new contemporary building in 2008. Her photos are amazing to look at and like I said books don’t do these photographs justice. A lot of her photos are huge prints, almost life size and just amazing to looks at. Me and a few friends sat in that room and just looked at all her portraits for a couple of hours and talked about about them. It’s really one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had in my life next to seeing Van Gogh painting and works of Francis Bacon. Her photographs seize to amazed me as she tells the tail of deception, the sign of the times and intriguing mind of Cindy Sherman herself…

@_jenbeezy_ - 1

I’ve always been intrigued with Jen’s work and her iPhoneography skills in editing. We will start with this portrait and the app I used for editing. First off I used a lot of DXP for laying and constantly layered photos and Jen herself. It was a constant back and fourth play on layers. I also used Photo Studio FX for symmetry and a simply photo of flowers I used to layer them together. Then I used an app called Kyoobik for the tiling style at the end. If I showed you each photo I did and the step by steps that would be a blog post alone.

@_jenbeezy - 2

You can tell what I used with this photo right off the bat, that’s Percolator. But that’s not all I used, I also used Paint FX to layer and erase the percolation around her face. Then I layered and blended them together to smooth it all out. Last I used Lens Light for all the tiny light dots all over the photo to give her an angelic feeling to the photo.

@_jenbeezy_ - 3

This photo took a lot of work because of how many apps I used. It starts off with Pixrl-omatic, DXP to blend in the flowers and Shuchu-sen for the crazy shattered inverted edges. I blend them together with Modern Grunge and to the ripping with this app. It’s to give your that 3D layers of Jen ripping through the photo.

@_jenbeezy_ - 4

The last portrait edit was done with two photos she sent me layered on top of each other. I used Photo Studio FX for the bottom layer of Jen. Then I used the top photo with an app called Artista Haiku for the water color paper look to the photo. I played with the layer this time with Photo Forge 2 and mixed them up until I got it to my liking. Then I put the photo through Scratch Cam and played with all the effects. It was fund to play around with all the different styles and looks.

Now if you have an questions about these portraits edits just leave a comment or you can email me If you want to have me edit yourself portrait just email them to me or you can Kik me @ashcrofft54.

You can also check out Jen’s feed on Instagram @_jenbeezy_ and see her beautiful photos. She’s a very nice person so stop by and say “HI” to her.

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