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Mobile Phone Photography is run by a guy name Jay Radia. He posts contest, blogs, features and everything about mobile photography. I’ve been featured on his site if you would like to check it out you can click HERE. What I like about his site is that it’s not just about iPhoneography. Let’s face it there are more people with Android Phones than iPhones, because people prefer the larger screens, operating system and the app choices.

The Droid Market doesn’t have the vast amount of photo and editing app like the App Store but it has that potential to grow. A lot of the app developers are starting to do cross platforms, trying to get into the Droid Market so they get more customers and not be tapped out from the App Store. It’s a growing art form for mobile photography. It been mostly seen on Streamzoo with the cross platform mobile share site. I’ve seen some awesome photos and edits with Droid phones. It wouldn’t surprise me if this started to take off in the next year because of super fast growth of iPhoneography. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Droid phone and see how far I can push editing photos to the extreme.

Let’s go back and talk about Jay and our conversation on Facebook. Jay lives in London and I’ll be there with him soon. We are going to join forces together but we will have our own thing on the side. Jay told me how he was highly disappointed with Instameet in London was handled. He told me it was like being in a bad school field trip. Where everyone was bossing all the people (like school children), telling them what they could take photos of and just being nasty toward other people. I totally dislike belittling toward other people, especially when it’s the person’s first time meeting other like minded souls. I find meets that are handled like that to be very disappointing and not something I would like to associate myself with people like that at all. The whole point of having a meet is making a connecting with other people, making friends and sharing what you know with others. I will add that he did meet some cool people during the Instameet, regardless of the person who ran it. It wasn’t a total wash. I look at least people show up the these Instameets. It’s not like San Diego where people don’t show up, like the first World Wide Instameet. Jay told me he would like to start his own type of photo walk from all walks of mobile photography. We are going to plan our own type of Mobile Photo Walk with our own approach to mobile photography. Our goal is to make this a global meet from all walks of life across the world. I’m totally on board in doing this project, since he asked me and approach me about it. I feel very honored he asked me to help him with this project. Stay tuned for future information about this Mobile Photo Walk…I’m excited about this project.

You can check out Jay’s group on Flickr by clicking HERE. You can post your photos in the group pool, check out the contests and go to the Mobile Phone Photography site.

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  1. Jay is a pretty awesome guy. I had a long conversation with him on facebook as well. LOL, I think it went on for 5 hours! I am excited about his new app. He asked me to test it for him. I am thoroughly excited to do so. We also had conversation about photo walks. I am going to join one here in Phoenix soon. I will let you know how it goes. After hearing about other people’s experiences, I am interested to see how it turns out. I will let you know and I will blog about it as well. So follow my blog if that works out better for you.

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