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Today’s guest blogger is someone we all know as @scrubmonkey or I like to call him Mr. Scrubmonkey (inside joke). He’s a dreamer and you can see it in his editing. Very colorful, flashy, abstract and quite striking, I really enjoy looking through his FEED on Instagram. He’s a very nice guy and fun to chat with on Kik. Please take a look at his feed and read all about him in this guest blogger series.

About me: I’m Australian, lived in Oz for nearly 40 years born in Clunes in Victoria, moved to South Australia when I was 1…(I had no say in that) lived and loved living in the quiet city of Adelaide for 22 years. Moved to Queensland when I was about 23 (some of these dates are getting foggy) Married young and divorced like so many others. As far as art goes I have not had any formal training or most of what you see on my feed I’ve learned from others on IG. So many people are willing to help…that’s what makes this group of IGers so great! Now I’m teaching English in China, why…well…life is not meant be overly complicated, so I tossed in my job and decided to travel and teach. There is so much world to see…I’ve visited so many countries and i will go to a lot more…today I bought tickets to Iran for a May excursion (beware IGer’s in June there will be a flood of Iranian edits…) Teaching has become a passion next to IG.


1. What’s the top 10 apps you use the most ?

1) My number 1 app is Filterstorm, it is so versatile, the double exposure and extension features are brilliant.

2) Photowizard, I use this for adding text, it also has a great range of effects,

3) Shockmypic, this is just awesome….great for blending, adding character or just distortion.

4) SimplyHDR, adds a great HDR effect and so many variations….

5) Toonpaint, This is one of my favs….similar to Shockmypic but I like to sometimes save in just the b&w without coloring…using another app to add color…or just overlaying the original and highlighting the black outline.

6) Juxterposer, well this guy speaks for it’s self…

7) Ripped From Reality, love the flexability of this guy! wonderful 3D effect…

8) Lenslight & Lensflare, these are similar and you can never get the camera to catch the light that way these can…

9) Rays, this one takes some getting used to, you need to play with it to get used to getting the rays as a beam instead of a smooth cover.

10) Abstractme, this is a unique app, it takes the light areas and leaves the black or heavy contrasted areas, it replaces the light areas with what ever background you choose.

2. Do you listen to music when you shoot your photos & when you edit them ?

Sometimes, like my stream, my music tastes are wide and varied, my mood determines the style I like, at the gym….like most fast and motivational, at home R&B/blues, at night (with a drink) generally…no music just a movie…unless I am out or have company.

3. Who are your influences ?

As I mentioned before, I have no official art training so I can’t name anyone except the person who’s work stands out in my mind all the time is Salvador Dali and DaVinci, these to had no bounds and loved to experiment.

Also the IG community I have now has been a huge influence, their works are so vaired, I’d love to list all the amazing people I follow but needless to say it is long. Some special mentions go out to @surreal for his amazing Daliesque style…@ashcroft54 for “HIS” abstract work as well as @abstracters_anonymous for their work in keeping the Abstract community driven because as they said it is an interesting avenue of art but now well understood. Another couple who have influenced my style are the crazy but always interesting @puppywings and Sir @bongwaterjoe. I would like to give a mention to @darryls_world he has recently been doing a unique style of editing a very definitive style. There is a special lady who I have shared a lot with and she’s proving to be great support for me @msdupreez, thank you so much for everything!

I really can’t name them all there is not enough room…(on a web page) Just a big thanks to everyone who has chatted and commented…your all great positive amazing friends.

4. Where do you photograph ? What do you like to photograph ? Why do you like to photograph ?

Where do I Photograph…anywhere and everywhere, I find everything I see now is beautiful and I want to snap it but i have to be selective because I just don’t have the room on my phone or my computer.

What, the same, anyone and anything, I don’t have any particular thing I prefer to shoot, I’m a little nervous shooting people an amazing iger I follow @vasvas does the most amazing B&W portraits, you’d swear he has the camera on the tip of the subjects nose….I’m a bit timid for that, need to build up gumption to say “Hey can I take your pic”…

Why…that’s a more difficult question. I like it because after joining IG I found my minds eye changed the way I saw the world. I had always liked taking pictures but IG gave me inspiration. I was finding that what I saw and what my iPhone saw were different so now I could alter the pics to show the beauty or grunginess I was seeing…

5. While editing what goes through your mind ? Do you think about things going on with you life or just edit ?

While editing, I think my mind is blank, because I often cant remember what was going through my mind, Maybe it’s a creative part of me that takes over, I know that when I try to think about what I’m editing it never works or i begin to feel frustrated. The thing that worries me most is the “lost time” syndrome…I start editing and before I know it I’ve lost 2 or 3 hours….it’s a brilliant feeling but a little scary.

6. Why are you in China ? What are you doing there ?

I’m in China, now I must word this correctly…lol…I’m not an English teacher but that is my title, basically I talk to students learning English and assist them with practice and grammar. (We also try to give them a bit of fun because their lives are so controlled that they rarely get to be creative) Why China, well it was just luck of the draw. I was working 55hrs a week in Oz and I had it all, house family, big TV’s computers cars….but was not happy…I rarely saw my family and in the end the relationship suffered and so did family life. After some drama my daughters decided to live with their mum which left me in a huge house huge mortgage and very alone…stuff that!…pack it in, do a TESOL course and put an add on the net…6 months later I’m in China playing games and having a ball. The money, well if I had to live in Oz on what I earn here I’d be poor but here it’s good, and I live really well and comfortably working only 25hrs a week. Here it’s a solitary life there are a lot of foreign teachers here but we like our space. We do get together but not everyday. Living in a foreign country has it’s ups and downs, communication is not always easy but I mange. Relationships are always complicated by religion or culture but there is always the next country or city and there are so many places looking for FT’s that demand far exceeds supply. I visit my Daughter every year…she has her own life and she is dong brilliantly, I’m so proud of her.

Well Tina, here is the first email, I’ll send the 3 pics soon….Cheers!

As I mentioned in my blog I kinda get lost in a dream state when I edit so I’ll do my best to describe how i did this…first obviously is to take the pic….lol…I’m lucky enough to live on the 22th floor in China so this angle is unique. My method is to run the pic through a lot of apps and see what happens, I generally save after each process then later I’ll go back and delete any unwanted edits later. In this pis I used Percolator, Rays, Filterstorm and Photowizard.


Usually I open in Filterstorm and crop and save an original. Then as I said above I run the pic through each app looking at the the settings and making adjustments in one app I may save as many as 10 variations of the pic. then I go back into Filterstorm and use the double exposure this is where the fun begins…Filterstorm has several different ways to double expose the pic. First form the top is the std paint brush which you can adjust softness, opacity and size…the size of the brush remains constant when you zoom allowing for editing down to the pixel level…the next option is a selection of various gradient shapes, eg. straight from edge, hollow centre, centre fill, centre line and hollow centre/parallel edge (these are not the official names, just my best description). If you don’t want to use any of those you can select the “selective fill” with this you can choose how narrow the range of color is you want to select. Move the + hairs over the the color or like I do just move them around until you see something that appeals to you and if that is not enough you can use the opacity adjustment or the vignette. that was hard work….time for a drink.

Camera Roll-1460

This pic i used Toonpaint, Filterstorm, Shockmypic and Fluidfx….Toonpaint is so cool you can adjust so many features and if you buy the pack you don’t have to try to be an artist it does the work. I usually save the b&w base as well as the colored version of each edit. this allows you to select he overlay feature again and when you fill the white area you can erase the bits you done want the do it again with another overlay of a different edit. shockmypic is cool too adjusting the edges and line length can give some interesting results. Fluidfx is a unique app (be careful when adjusting the settings…..there is not restore default button so you either have to remember where the settings were, save as or delete and reinstall). It is great for adding some very cool effects and also it only saves a screenshot so the resolution is really low. sorry this is more of an app review than a step by step but the process is similar to the first one…the only difference in this pic is i had a bottom layer from a royalty free site.

Camera Roll-1461

This pic was a little different I used Slowshutter, Filterstorm and Toonpaint. The original is a Streetpic with Slowshutter of passing cars. The I cropped in Filterstorm and over saturated about 200% (colors are powerful). Then put the pic through toonpaint and it came out awesome! but needed to be abstracted so into photowizard and mirrored the pic. Back into Filterstorm and I use the overlay feature in the blending field. I find that overlay gives a thickness or richness to the colors….then I felt the pic was ready for posting.

Well i’d like to thank you for reading I hope it was informative and Thanks to Tina for putting all the effort into this amazing site…see you all on IG.

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