Combo Apps April Fools Challenge


The April Fools Challenge
Co-hosted by @combo_apps & @queen_of_spades here are the rules. I need a new photo icon for Combo Apps Instagram !!!

1. All photos must be taken and edited from an iPhone, iTouch or iPad device.

2. All entries are to be edited with 2 or more apps.

3. Only 3 entries and must be posted on on IG April 1st – 12th only. Tag the following @combo_apps & @queen_of_spades #combo_apps_fools_challenge that’s the official tag.

You break any of the rules you will be disqualified. I’m not messing around either.

There will be 10 finalist chosen to be voted for this challenge. Winner of the challenge will be the photo icon of Combo Apps IG and will receive a $15 iTunes gift card. The challenge runs April 1st -12th midnight California time. The 10 finalist will be voted as a winner from the 14th and 15th and that ends midnight California time too. If you have any questions leave comments or Kik me @ashcroft54 or contact @queen_of_spades GOOD LUCK & have fun !!!! This is not a popularity contest, it’s about creative and artistic editing. Last this is not a logo challenge, it’s an edit photo challenge…you must have an Instagram account to qualify.

Promo Codes to kick it off from Lens Flare apps !!! Thanks James !!!



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