King Camera for 31 Days

King Camera 4/31

King Camera was a hard project to do this last month because I had a hard time taking photos. I mean photos are all over the place just wasn’t feeling it this past month. The app is FREE for awhile. There are some features I like about this and app and some they could work on…this is also the month long project I did with my iPhone 4s. I was kind of preoccupied with editing, other camera apps and projects. I guess there has been no real break down of the camera/editing app. This project was recommended by two people who said since this app isn’t super popular.

Camera Roll-1143

Camera Roll-1144

It’s a pretty self explanatory app of how to use the camera. Now if you tap on the gears button below the grid button on the camera app, that will take you to the video tutorials of how to use King Camera. You can also got to their website right HERE for more information about the app. There is a video advert for King Camera at the bottom of the blog if you would like to check out Bianca do her segment…

Camera Roll-1145

Now when you tap on the bottom left hand corner that will take you to the Photo Desk. That’s where you do all your photo editing and enhancements. If you noticed some of the photos I have you will see number 2 at the bottom center of some of the photos. That means I’ve edited the photo and it’s piled on top of the original shot photo. When you edit photos and you like how it looks you save it to the Photo Desk. The advantage of these layers of edits is simple, so you always have all the different edits of the photo. Sometimes you might like 2 or 3 different types of edits you did and want to keep them separate from each other. That’s when the layers of different edits come into play. You can always go back the original or keep on editing the one you’re doing. You can watch the video tutorial of how do this on the camera app. You can also save your edits as presets and name them.

Camera Roll-1146

The Promatik is where you do all your own editing instead of the presets. There are a lot of different options you can use and they have slide controls over your edits.

Camera Roll-1147

You have two options of saving your edits, Save Photo or Save Quickmatik Look. Save photo doesn’t mean save to your camera roll. What it does is saves the layered photo you just edited. Save Quickmatik Look is how you save you edits as presets with this app. I don’t ever save my presets because I like edit different each time. Presets don’t always work on your photo because of how you snapped them.

Camera Roll-1148

You have to tap on the Export button in order to save your photo to the camera roll. I find this at times to be a pain in the ass. Why ? I find it redundant to save twice for one photo, a lot of the time I forget to export to save my photo. Then I have to go back and hit “EXPORT” to remember to save my photo to the camera roll. I will tap on Export top photo to save my edited photo. You do have the option of using PhotoAppLink to do more editing with your photo. That’s always a plus !!!

Camera Roll-1150

You can tap on the “?” button for help and more info about this app. This will take you the video tutorials and website.

Camera Roll-1149

This is my quick edited photo from my Photo Desk.

King Camera 1/31

Now if you have an questions about this app please leave comments or email me You can also check out Facebook and Google+ pages. You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group and Instagram Forum @combo_apps and @ashcroft54.

King Camera 1/31King Camera 2/31King Camera 3/31King Camera 4/31King Camera 5/31King Camera 6/31
King Camera 7/31King Camera 8/31King Camera 9/31King Camera 10/31King Camera 11/31King Camera 12/31
King Camera 13/31King Camera 14/31King Camera 15/31King Camera 16/31King Camera 17/31King Camera 18/31
King Camera 19/31King Camera 20/31King Camera 21/31King Camera 22/31King Camera 23/31King Camera 24/31

King Camera for 31 Days, a set on Flickr.


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2 Responses to King Camera for 31 Days

  1. A month using our app! Great! How was your experience? Thx for the mention.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I like your app but it needs an easier UI (User Interface). Its like of hard to remember you have to export to save your finished edited photo. Other than that I like the app, it has what you need for editing your photo. One thing I would like to see is a tilt shift edit added to your app. Most photo/camera apps have some kind of Tilt Shit edit built into their editing section. You could add that to you camera app, then I would call it the ultimate editing app camera app and the true KING of the camera apps. I really love you have Photo App Link added to you app and Dream camera. Over all it’s a great app and people are getting a great deal for making it FREE !!!

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