Combo Apps/Juxtaposer & Stamps

Today I’m going to do something different with the start of the blog. If you noticed there’s a YouTube video tutorial at the of the blog. We are going to talk about an app most of have used or would like to learn how to use called Juxtaposer. The video was made awhile ago but the app hasn’t really changed since the video was made. I was a little intimidated using this app but the video on top has made it easy for me to use this app. It’s a shame that iPhone Photo Apps stopped making videos. I’m hoping showing this blog will get them to make more video app reviews and tutorials.

Juxtaposer is an editing app that let’s you cut and paste images on to top of you photos. The app is $2.99 at the App Store if you want to purchase it. I’ve had this app for awhile and never really used it until I started to talk on Kik. Justin (@jcjese) and Nick (@bongwaterjoe) both turned me onto using the app because of their edits from using the app. I really wanted to learn how to use this app so I search for a video tutorial on YouTube. Then watched this video 3 times before I started to use the app itself. After I made my first real edit with the app, Justin gave me his Top Hat to make stamps with.

Camera Roll-1098

These are the stamps I’ve made with Juxtaposer so far, I’m going to add a Stormtrooper Helmet stamp to my saved to stamps.

Camera Roll-1099

Camera Roll-1102

The top is my Stormtrooper mask I’ll be making out to keep as a stamp. The bottom is one I masked out. Now the trick to finding images to use as stamps is simple. Google the images you want to mask out for future stamps. Make sure you find one with east backgrounds to mask out, preferably white is the best and easiest to mask out. I like to use the pink or orange color to mask out my images because it makes easy to see the spots I’ve might of missed. One great things about this app is if you miss an area you can always go back and masked out what you’ve missed. In the video he explains how to save the stamps and goes into more details.

Juxtaposer Part 1 edit

This is how where I placed the Stormtrooper helmet at on the guy on the bus. You don’t have to place it perfect just enough to cover and make your photo silly. That’s what great about Juxtaposer. It’s really about having fun and being silly with your editing.

Camera Roll-1105

Then I added more crazy blending to the mix…now the head looks like it’s floating on the guy’s shoulders.

Shining Twins

The Shining Twins – was my first time using Juxtaposer app.


Skull in a corn field…photo of the corn field provided by @queen_of_spades and skull provided by @bongwaterjoe.

This end this weeks blog so if you have any questions just email me or leave comments. Check out the Combo Apps Facebook and Google+ pages. You can also check out my page @ashcroft54.

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Juxtaposer & Stamps

  1. Federico says:

    The one thing I don’t like about Juxtaposer is that it doesn’t save full res pictures…!

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