Combo Apps/ Modern Grunge Mixture

Camera Roll-296

If you follow me in Instagram, Path or on Kik chat with me, you probably saw this new type of editing I did with an called Modern Grunge. I discovered this app on IPA (iPhoneArt dot com), from someone’s edit. I was looking at their feed and saw an listed called Modern Grunge. It perked my interests as usual because I’m an app addict. There are two versions of this app you can purchase. There’s the $.99 iPhone version and $1.99 iPad HD version. They also make another app called Ripped From Reality and that runs for $1.99 for iPhone same price for the iPad HD version too. Another app you can also purchase by them is called Tonaltopia and there is an iPhone and iPad version of each for $.99. From the looks of this app, Tonaltopia this would be a cheaper version of Noir App, might want to pick this up if your a monochromatic photo editor.

Demo Blog Photo

The photo I will be using for the blog editing demo.

Modern Grunge

Camera Roll-712

Let’s get started with the editing process, if you noticed when you load a photo onto the app or take a photo to be edited. They always have the default grunge preset. You don’t have to use the first grunge that pops up on your photo. The app is really easy to use and pretty cut and dry in how it works. The set up is kind of like JixiPix apps. They both take a long time to save any of your edited photos with this app. I will warn you do not use this app for long periods of time. This app has a tendency to crash after prolong use, after your done with your edits. You would want leave the app and reload it back up again if you want to edit another photo.

Camera Roll-713

Camera Roll-714

I tapped on the preset grunges that come with the app. Youc an also scroll through with your finger at the bottom of the screen to pick a preset edit. Some of them are great but if you’re like me…YOU WANT CONTROL OVER YOUR EDITING !!! That’s what this app can do also, you can do real fine tune editing with this app.

Camera Roll-715

This is what I did I used the rip button to make my own kind of cut-out.

Camera Roll-716

Camera Roll-717

You also have control of how you want inside and out side grunge to come out. It’s really cool because you have that personal edit look to each of your grunge edits. There are a lot of preloaded templates and textures that come with this app. You can try and get that beveled look to your cuts by added shadow impressions. There are also different cut directions, borders and rips.

Camera Roll-718

Camera Roll-719

You can also play and pick out the different inside and outside grunge. I like to make the both different so they stand out or contrast to make a great mixture of the two grunges.

MG Edit 1

This was my first edit but it didn’t quite stand out to me.

MG Edit 2

I made a second edit to make the two grunges stand out more !!!

Rays Edit

Now I took the original and use Rays to give it that blown out or explosion look.

DXP Layers Edit

Then I merged the original photo and Rays photo together with DXP and used Exclusion for my blending.

Final Edit

Then I took all of the layers and loaded them onto Photo Forge 2. I used Difference for all the layers. Now I couldn’t tell you how I piled the layers because it has been doubled layers with Photo Forge 2. Sometimes I really have to play around with the layers and I do my fine editing with Pop Cam.

Blueline Trolley

Here’s another example of a photo I edited with Modern Grunge and other apps. What I love about this app is the endless combinations you can do with it. This is a Grunge app worth having in your app arsenal collection. It’s definitely not another Grunge App so go pick it up and have some grunge fun !!!

There’s something else I’m going to start adding is a site called MMP Mobile Phone Photography. This site holds contests and other great info about the Mobile Phone Photography. I highly recommend you check out the site and enter the contest for prizes…click “HERE” to find out more !!!

If you have any questions you can leave comments on the blogs or email me You can also check out Combo Apps Flickr Group down below. There is also the Facebook and Google+ Pages. You can also follow me on Instagram Forum @combo_apps and my page @ashcroft54.

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8 Responses to Combo Apps/ Modern Grunge Mixture

  1. I bought the apps Straight away after you told me….now I know that I’m not only don’t know how to draw…but I don’t know how to cut as well…hehe…but it’s a fun app…thanks

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I’m not the best drawer in the world, but I just think of doing cut out shapes. What you can do is make really crude cut/rip outs. That way your not always looking for some kind of perfection with the cuts/rips. I try to look for odd shapes, weird squiggles and oblong shapes, if you do that it will make the app more enjoyable. After all you are an iPhoneographer Artist so try to have fun and create from your heart.

  2. iPhonePhotog says:

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check back to my page for rules at

  3. Laura says:

    Can I use some of the content from your site on mine? I will make sure to link back to it 🙂

  4. SeekWa says:

    My goodness… this is an astonishingly thorough review. I also recently discovered this App, and love the extra dimensionality it is bringing to my art. I am very happy to have met you on iPhoneArt, and to have found your site here. All the best, Mark

  5. I’ve been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your site?

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