Combo Apps/ WordFoto and Patterns

Camera Roll-473

Today I’m going to show you how to make your own patterns to apply at textures on your photos. The app I’ll be talking about is called WordFoto. It’s a great app for applying words or messages on you photo. WordFoto sells for $1.99 at the App Store if you wanted to buy it. What I’m going to do is show you how to use punctuations as pattern and designs to incorporate them into your photo editing needs. This will make some cool looking designs and patterns. It will also give you a unique style to your editing.

Demo photo for blogs

I took this photo with Qbro and did s symmetry edit with FX Photo Studio.

Camera Roll-481

Camera Roll-482

Now I will open up WordFoto and load my photo that I’m going to edit with, if you noticed that I have used an asterisk (*) as a pattern. It was from the last photo I was editing with that is up above. I want to change my pattern into something different.

Camera Roll-483

This is what I did I tapped on the “WORD” button at the bottom left side. You will see I have a lists of words and patterns saved to this app already. I’m going to show you how to add punctuations

Camera Roll-484

I will tap on the “Add new Word Set” button, this is how I got to the setting. I’m typing in my new pattern for editing. Then I will tap on “Back”.

Camera Roll-485

This is what will happen after I use this new pattern I’ve made for editing. Looks really cool, huh !

Camera Roll-487

Camera Roll-486

The app does come with preset settings, but I’ve made a custom setting for myself. The reason is I want the patters to really pop and be very contrasty. It’s up to you what kind of style you want, my preference might not suit your needs. You can also change you fonts and use up to 5 different fonts. I’m hoping they will update this app and add more fonts to the app.

WordFoto Final Edit

This is my final WordFoto edit but I’m not done yet.

[+] Final Edit

This is the finished and final edit of the photo at the start of the demo. The other apps I used for editing are Rays for streaks, layered with DXP and fine tune editing with PS Express.

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