Combo Apps/Snapseed Cards at Starbucks

Snapseed Blog

HEY EVERYONE !!! I wanted to let you know about the FREE Snapseed app cards at Starbucks, the app cards only work in the USA. I tried posting codes on Instagram and some of my good friends that follow me said the codes don’t work. I’ll be posting codes at the end of this blog, not everyone has a Starbucks in their town or close by. David (@doggonewalkin) fellow San Diegan gave me the idea of picking up cards and passing around the promo codes for this app. The fact is not everyone can drop $4.99 for a stand alone editing app. If you would like more information about Snapseed app just click HERE, everything you want to know about the app. The top photo was taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with Snapneed.

Snapseed Blog

My opinions on Snapseed are still the same, it has potential to be one of the best editing apps but it lacks a few things. For the price you for this app it’s missing a few good things, one is a back button or an undo button. This would be helpful in editing because I find it very frustrating to start all over again in editing a photo. Especially when it turns into something you don’t like and you have to remember the steps to get you back to where you left off at. Sometimes you don’t always remember all the steps you did while editing. The second thing is when you edit with this app, everyone knows you use Snapseed Gunge edit. I’m not to fond of the textures used with this app. The seem to look a little on the fake side or you slapped on the texture. I’ve played with this app and the different textures and they seem to all look alike with that slap on look to them. I’m hoping that the developers will work on the texture part of this app. Third is the frame selection, not very impressed with the lack of selection of frames they have to offer.

Snpaseed Blog

One thing I like about this app is how you can control exposures and saturation in different areas of the photo. It’s better to do this type of editing on the iPad instead of your iPhone. The reason is you have a much larger screen to work with rather than the smaller iPhone screen. You can see where the changes take place on exposures, details and saturation. It one of the only apps that offer this type of editing.

Snapseed Blog

Two other editing tools I like are Drama and Tilt Shift, I’ll start with the Drama. Drama is really great for bring out details where HDR type of exposure would be necessary to get the details in Shadows and Highlights. Sometimes you don’t always have a tripod or the means to take multiple exposures with your iPhone. As long as you take a well exposed photo Drama will work with you in bringing out details in your photo. It does make your photo really grainy and contrasty. You will have to use a Denoise app to smooth out your photo.

Tilt Shift is another great editing tool on Snapseed, it’s the only one I’ve seen where you can actually control the blur gradation of a photo. Some apps over blur with their tilt shift tools/presets, Tilt Shift Gen is still my favorite blurring app to this day but Snapseed is a great alternate to making fake miniatures, DoF (depth of field) and artsy blurred photos.

If you have any questions about this blog or any other blogs please leave comments or email me You can also check out my Instagram Forum @combo_apps. There is the Combo Apps Facebook, Google+ and Flickr Group pages. You can also check out my splash page @ashcroft54.

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26 Responses to Combo Apps/Snapseed Cards at Starbucks

  1. Louis says:

    I’ve used these 2 codes. Thanks a lot. I stopped into 4 Starbucks looking for these and could not find it.


    • ashcroft54 says:

      Cool, I’ll post and change them in a week. I picked up a lot of cards to pass out codes to everyone I will delete those 2 codes. Your welcome and spread the word out and thanks for reading my blogs.

      • Louis says:

        The word has been spread. These codes will probably be all taken by tomorrow. I have asked the people that use it to post which ones they use so that you are aware. Thanks again!

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Well I’ll post new ones soon…I have about 50 cards left so spread the word !

  2. startrail says:

    Thank you so much. I just used this code 🙂

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  4. J. Monsoon says:

    You are awesome. Just used “KKAPERE3FNW4”. Thanks a lot! *giant monkey hugs*

  5. Colleen84 says:

    Are there any codes left? I tried each and every code up there but they’ve already been redeemed. Thanks 🙂

  6. S says:

    I have a Canadian Code, but my phone is set up for the US store. Do you have another US code please? I am happy to trade!

  7. lucy says:

    Any more codes? I’m a few days late on this one!

  8. kimi says:

    do you have any more codes? looks like all the ones you have listed have been taken. =) thanks! =)

  9. NIck says:

    I would really love a code. Please send me one…my email is

  10. ice says:

    Ive used HL664W7RTYJK. Thanks so muc!!

  11. anmol says:

    hi, can i get one, please email me at, thanks

  12. Ryan says:

    Can someone please e-mail me a code if they have one? I don’t live near a Starbucks =(
    Please e-mail to me at

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Sorry I ran out of codes to give out…if I get any I will let you know and email you one. I had to go like to 10 Starbucks to find the code cards. I do recommend you get an app called App Shopper. It’s a great app that let’s you know when apps go one sale or for FREE !!! I got Snapseed FREE when it was offered the first time around. Again I’m sorry I ran out of codes, I have over 150 of those cards…

  13. Daniel says:

    Please let me knew if you have anymore codes for Snapseed or other great apps

  14. Jezel Lynn says:

    How do you use a code when you are buying an app? Please help! Thanks

  15. Taras says:

    please send me one of these codes

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