Qbro for 29 Days

Qbro 1/29

Today I’ll be talking about a cool square format app called Qbro. I’ve blogged about this app a few times. It’s one of the best square format apps on the market. It has really cool preset edits, frames and a gallery to show off your work. The month long project was a little more fun this time around. It seems i enjoyed taking photos with this camera app this time around.

Qbro 8/29

I really love the Blacker preset filter with this app. It makes your photos look so dramatic and gives your photos with such great depth in them.

Qbro 9/29

The only downfall to this app if you can only do one layer of filer presets with this app. It’s a bit cumbersome to save and reload your photos. I’m hoping they will add an update to layer the filers on top of each other your, just like Pic FX.

Qbro 26/29

Another update that would be great is controlling the filters. It would be nice if we had a slider control over the filter presets. Sometimes I feel the filters are too overly done on some photos.

Qbro 12/29

Overall this is still a great camera app to have at your arsenal or collection. It’s one of those that you can make great square shots for editing with the app or without the app. This whole set was done with my iPhone 4. I will be shooting from my new iPhone 4s from here on out…I plan to come back, revisit this app and do another month long project with Qbro.


Camera Roll-67

Something was pointed out to me (@bongwaterjoe) about this app, there’s a gallery photo sharing network within the app. Thanks for mentioning that problem to me. I also totally forgot about the Gallery section of the app. You can post photos in the gallery and be in the Hall Of Fame. The problem is when you start to load photos in the gallery it takes up space on your iPhone. For some people they don’t have the space for having a gallery within the app on their iPhones.

Camera Roll-68

The solution is a pain and time consuming and it works. You have to go through and delete each photo in the gallery in order to free up space. I really wish you could just save the unedited photo without putting it through the Gallery section. I feel since you’ve paid for the app you should be able to save and do what you want with your photos. This is something the developers need to know that not everyone wants to be in the Gallery or Hall of Fame. The solution are rating and writing reviews about the app in the App Store, hopefully they will listen to their customers.

Qbro 1/29Qbro 2/29Qbro 3/29Qbro 4/29Qbro 5/29Qbro 6/29
Qbro 7/29Qbro 8/29Qbro 9/29Qbro 10/29Qbro 11/29Qbro 12/29
Qbro 13/29Qbro 14/29Qbro 15/29Qbro 16/29Qbro 17/29Qbro 18/29
Qbro 19/29Qbro 20/29Qbro 21/29Qbro 22/29Qbro 23/29Qbro 24/29

Qbro for 29 Days, a set on Flickr.

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6 Responses to Qbro for 29 Days

  1. Have you give it a try to 6×6 and mattebox…I love 6×6…its merely point and shoot app and nothing more…mattebox offer more customization over styles…but I haven’t done fooling around with it…

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I’ll check out that app. I haven’t gotten it because I Figured it was just another square format camera app. Since you love now I’ll have to get and play with it !!!

  2. Tina,

    You can adjust the filter strength. The slider is a the top of the screen (in the middle). This is also the place where you get access to the borders.


  3. ifrippe says:

    Hi again Tina,

    I’ve a way to stack filters on top of each other. It’s not as easy as in PicFX, but it’s better than using “save to camera roll”.

    If you go to the gallery, then you see an downward pointing icon at the top of the screen. Press it and you see a pop-up menu. Pick “Re-edit @ Studio” and you will start adding a filter ontop of the old filter.


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