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The two photo up above will be our demo for the Crop Blog today. This will be another comparisons with cropping your photos with apps this time, someone asked me about Crop Suey and if I use it. The answer is YES !!! I use Crop Suey a lot but I wanted to look at other apps the have crop features build in besides the stand alone crop apps. There are other ways of making crop photos with out using a cropping tool. That would be using a camera app. Qbro is one of the most popular square converted camera app on the market because you can save the original photo and the squared converted photo. You can also do with other camera apps such and Hipstamatic, TtV Studio and Magic Hour to name a few. The only advantage that Qbro has over the others is you can save an unedited square photo where the other camera apps are post processed photos through filters. Some people prefer that so they can edit a photo from a freshly shot and untouched photo. There are a majority of those who use Camera+ to shoot and use Clarity. Then crop their photo to a square. Let’s get started with the blogging…

Crop Suey

The first app I’m going to be talking about is Crop Suey. It’s been around for awhile. It was one of the first cropping tool apps I bought for simple cropping of photos. I still use this app to do really quick crops. It’s very simple and easy to use. You can say this is a “One Trick Pony” app but it does such a great job of cropping. Basically you start with “Open Image” button on the screen to get you started.

Camera Roll-792

You can either choose an photo you want to use on camera roll/albums or you can shoot the photo with the camera part of the app. I always use my camera roll photos to crop.

Camera Roll-796

If you tap on the crop they have different sized you can pick, 1:1, 2:3, 4:3 and Free Crop.

Camera Roll-793

I pick the 1:1 for my cropping. The only disadvantage about using Crop Suey is that you can only crop 1926 x 1926 so you loose about 100 (10×10) of the 1936×1936 squared. It’s not a big deal. I’m not sure what the size is on an iPhone 4s, but I will find out soon when I upgrade my iPhone in a couple of weeks.

Camera Roll-799

PhotoGene 2, has a cropping tool in it’s app. It kind of hard to use. I’m not crazy about using the cropping tool with this app. It might be easier to use PhotoGene for iPad instead to crop.

Camera Roll-800

Load your photo up on PhotoGene 2 and go to the edit and click on the wheel to edit.

Camera Roll-801

As you can see you can slide your finger across to pick what size you would like to crop your photo with a different preset/ratios crop.

Camera Roll-802

This is what I found really difficult with the cropping. You have to shrink the photo down to crop, just to get it right. The closest I got was 1936×1937. I had to play and play with this corners to get this right. This app would be better if you used your iPad instead, becuase of how you have to pull and drag the corners out to crop your photo.

Camera Roll-803

Camera Roll-804

Photo Studio FX, is just a cut and dry with the cropping. When you load your photo you start off with a crop. You decide to keep it the way it is or crop it to a square.

Camera Roll-808

Pic Frame is another one you use as a crop and gain resolution at the same time.

Camera Roll-812

Pick the photo you want to use to crop into a square.

Camera Roll-809

Take out the border to make your photo borderless.

Camera Roll-810

Then save at High Resolution at 2400×2400.

Camera Roll-805

Pic Boost which used to be called Pic Tools by the same developers who brought you PicFX and Pic Frame, has a crop tool built into the editing app. It has the typical preset crop ratios. One thing I find is that when you want to crop the photo itself. It’s a little hard to move the slider around. I tried cropping with this app a few times, found it was hard to move the crop corner. Other than that it great if you to use the preset for 1:1 if you have a well composed photo to cut the ends off and make into a square.

Camera Roll-806

The finished cropped photo.

Camera Roll-817

Camera Roll-818

Pic FX, is a cut and dry crop, because you can only edit square photos with Pic FX. All you have to do is figure out what you want to cut off in your photo when you crop your photo.

Camera Roll-814

Diptic was the first collage app I got when I started out in the iPhoneography editing world over a year ago. It’s still a great app and you use it as a cropping app for squares.

Camera Roll-815

Load the photo in the square, then tap on effect to take the border out and move photo to cut off the edges.

Camera Roll-816

This way you can make a square photo, crop and save at high resolution too. You can also export it to other apps, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, Facebook, Email and save to the camera roll. Diptic saves at whopping 2592×2592 which is 7MP which is very impressive. This might give Pic Frame a run for it’s money !!!

Camera Roll-819

Luminance has a crop tool feature in it’s app. All you have to do is tap on the crop button on the top middle right.

Camera Roll-820

When your in crop mode you will notice on the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through with your finger and pick what crop preset you want to use to crop your photo. This is kind of cool. Plus the corners are very easy to use and slide around with your finger.

Camera Roll-821

The last and final cropping app I will talk about is called Gyro Crop. They are the same developers who brought you Squaredy. The app sells for $1.99 at the App Store if you want to pick this baby up.

Camera Roll-822

You twist and turn your iPhone around to get the crop to you liking. This app is very tricky but if you want to straighten out building or crocked taken photos that are off kilter. This is the app to get…

Camera Roll-828

To crop your photo to a 1:1 ration square was kind of hard to figure out at first. I had to tap on the (i) to figure out how to make the crop into a square aspect ratio. You have to tap on the two rectangle button on the left and right side to mess with the different ratios. They have markers to show you where the ratios are at for 1:1, 2:3 and 4:3. It’s like i said this is a very tricky app to use and it’s all about the finesse of moving, twisting and turning you iPhone to the proper crop. In my opinion this could be one of the most frustrating cropping app on the market. Can you imagine trying to do this on your iPad ? I would find this totally ridiculous. Then I would end up dropping my iPad from trying to twist and turn the damn thing !!!

This concludes the crop comparison blog, if you have an questions you can leaves comments on this post or email me You can also check out the new Combo Apps group added on IPA ( right HERE. I’ve finally gave in and started to to IPA more seriously, thanks to Tracy Munson a.k.a. 80s_girl and her constantly tell me to take it more seriously comments on IG…LOL !!! You can also check out the Flickr Combo Apps Group down below, the Facebook and Google+ Pages. There is my page @ashcroft54.

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