Combo Apps/Shuchu-sen Cross Effect

Camera Roll-318

Slash & Clash and using Shuchu-sen and DXP for blending to make you images look like they are shattering to pieces. So this is about blending and layering again…but this will help find other ways of editing your photos.

Qbro+Orasis+Noise Master

We are going to start with this photo. I took this photo with Qbro and edited with Orasis and Noise Master.

Camera Roll-299

I load the photo up on the Shuchu-sen app and make my lines shattered. Then I save that photo first.

Camera Roll-300

Then I pull up the shattered lines with my finger to the other side and save that next.
Camera Roll-304

Camera Roll-303

After I do the two saves with Shuchu-sen, I load the two layers on top of each other using DXP. The blending choice I use is Difference to make the lines look like they are shattering. You want to make the lines a little jagged to give that shattered effect when you blend the two photos together.

Combo Apps Demo

I want to make my photo look a little cartoonish so I’ll edit my photo with Dynamic Light.

Camera Roll-308

Here’s a photo I took with Pro Camera 3.0 while waiting for the trolley. It’s a motion shot.

Camera Roll-313

This is my finished edited photo doing the Slash & Clash style of editing. You also have that feeling of realities are colliding into each other. It’s a very simple edit that can turn into an extreme edit without any real effort. You can also blend with Photo Forge 2 and Image Blender.

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