Combo Apps/ Mastering Blending/Layering with Photo Forge 2 & Shuchu-sen !


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of app experimentation and finding new combinations of editing my photos. People also have been asking me how do I 1ayer and blend my photos to have that 3D look to them. Today I’m going to show you part of how I make those crazy shattered looking stripes with my photos. This will be a series of broken down steps of how I’ve been editing lately. It would be too much if I put it all in one blog. I’ll be talking about a FREE app called Shuchu-Sen !. There’s not a whole lot of info about the app developer or a site about this app, but what I love about this app are the accent lines and shattered stripes that emphasis your photos. There’s also an iPad version of the FREE App called Shuchu-sen HD.

Demo for Combo Apps

Ok, let’s get started with the editing process. First we always start off with a demo and this was taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with Orasis. The photo was shot at Otay Ranch Mall out in Eastlake which is in Chula Vista, California. It’s the Food Pavilion.

Camera Roll-169

Next I did another edit with NIR Color from JixiPix. NIR stands for Near Infra Red, basically faking infrared photography. I will use this photo later in Photo Forge 2 as the base photo.

Camera Roll-170

Camera Roll-171

Next I load the top original photo onto an app called FX Photo Studio. Anyone and everyone whose does iPhone/iPad editing should have that app. It’s one of the best filter/editing app to have in your arsenal. This app has 1000s upon 1000s multitude of possible variations for editing just one photo. If you don’t have this app you’re missing out on some awesome editing with your photos. I’m going to use 2 different filters for editing. First I will use number 114 Color Explosion (Color Fantasy Folder) and second number 66 Explosion (Blur Folder).

Camera Roll-174

When I’m done with both filters and piled the to my liking, this is the finish results I’ll be using for blending and layering.

Camera Roll-176

Camera Roll-177

OK, the next step if to take the original edited photo from the top and load to an app called Shuchu-sen !.

Camera Roll-178

Now after you load your photo this is thee default setting you always start with in this app. It’s a pretty cut and dry one trick pony app.

Camera Roll-179

After playing with the app, you will see that pulled the line toward the middle. You will I have chaotic random spaces between the cracks.

Camera Roll-180

This is what I love about this app, you can save at high resolution. I’m not sure if goes up higher with an iPhone 4s, since I have an iPhone 4.

Camera Roll-181

My finish edit from Shuchu-sen.

Camera Roll-182

Now it’s the time to pull all the layers together with Photo Forge 2. I have to admit I didn’t like this app at first, but it’s grown on me. Photo Forge 2 has grown on me so much that it’s one of my most used and go to editing app for layers and blending. It took me awhile to get used to and mastered the app. I know there so much more you can do with this app, when I figure out more things I can do with Photo Forge 2. You better believe I will blog about it. If you want to more about this app and the original Photo Forge, click HERE. Last you will see on the top left corner of the photo I edited with NIR Color.

Camera Roll-183

You will see I’ve loaded my photos up in the Layers section. The layers button is the stack of layered papers button. Tap on “New Layer” to load up the layers you will be blending with your original photo.

Camera Roll-184

Color Explosion/Explosion from FX Photo Studio layer I will use Difference blending.

Camera Roll-185

Shuchu-sen layer I will use an Exclusion blend.

Diffeernce and Exclusion blending, I use those two the most when it comes to layer/blending. The reason is I’m looking for a Solarized/Macky Silvery lines too to my photo. The silvery lines can make a photo pop our at you. It gives you that dreamy glow and 3D look to your photos. I also like my images to have a metallic/chrome look to them.

Camera Roll-186

Camera Roll-187

After your done with you blending you have to flatten you photo to move on to the next editing process on Photo Forge 2 and/ or save your photo. I’m not done with Photo Forge 2 yet…

Camera Roll-188

Pop Cam ! In order for you to use Pop Cam and save your photo, you have to pay the $1.99 to unlock the section. At first I wasn’t happy to pay for the section because you’re paying a 1/3 of an app, but it turns out to be the most used section of Photo Forge 2 for editing my photos. I use Pop Cam a lot.

Camera Roll-189

Let me break down the buttons for you all, Film Button, Lens Button, Filter Button, Flash Button, Chemical Button, Paper Texture Button, Frame Button and last Random Mix Button.

Camera Roll-190

I use the Polarizing Filter a lot to bring out certain details.

Camera Roll-191

Film always starts with Standard, the films I will use the most are Color 5, CHROMAX, Electro-Fine 1979 and most favorite Technicolors.

Camera Roll-192

I love Technicolors for the Cyan and Red contrast in colors, which are the polar opposite of each other when color balancing photos. It’s the extreme, since I’m a Libra it fits to my balance of extreme opposites. Now you know the secret of my Cyan and Red edited photos.

Camera Roll-193

Camera Roll-194

I’m going to add some Vibrance to my photo to bring out Cyan and Red in the photo.

Camera Roll-195

Here’s my finished edited photo ready to be loaded up for any photo share network.

Demo for Combo Apps

This is my before photo…taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with Orasis.

H & M Beacon

My after photo edited, the only difference is instead of editing with Photo Forge 2. I used DXP for layers and blending which is a simpler app to use if you not into details and manual controls of editing.

If you have an questions about this blog or any other blog please leave comments on the blogs or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr or the Facebook Page on the sidebar and Google+ Page HERE. Now you can also follow me on Instagram @combo_apps for all the latest updates on blog posts, apps, pimp challenges, edit mini sessions and/or anything/everything COMBO APPS !!!

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