Combo Apps/An Orton Revisit


Today I’ll be doing a simple blog and revisit Orton Effect again. I found another must more easier way of doing this editing process. Now if you want to know more about this post processing technique you can click HERE for more info. Basically what I;m going to show is how to bring in low detail and bring out high details with a very dreamy look to your photos. Orton is great for portraits editing or post processes, it hide all the blemishes and flaws on a person. I’ve done this blog before but it was a much more steps and editing. I came across this on accident when I did my month long Super Retro Project</strong>. This is one of the best “pros” about this app. I try to find something useful in any app I purchase, so I can use it for certain styles of editing.

Camera Roll-288

Let’s get started with the editing, now I’ve taken a few shots with Super Retro camera app. They are stored on the app for editing and post processing. I’m going to edit the top left corner photo doing the Orton Effect.

Camera Roll-289

What I do is first is tap on the “Light Bulb” button to “Enhance.” Enhance is you tone map effect with this app, you can control how much tone you want by using the slider at the button. I always just use the default middle, because it works most of the time and I don’t want to over or under enhance the photo. I prefer to use Super Retro’s Enhance over Camera+ Clarity, because it comes out smoother and less noisy with Super Retro.

Camera Roll-290

I tap on the rabbit out of the hat button and use “Lens Blur” first. I usually use the default setting slide with Lens Blur.

Camera Roll-291

Next I tap on the rabbit out of the hat button again and tap on “Blur.” I usually use the default middle slide for Blur.

Camera Roll-292

Camera Roll-293

After I’m done with my edit and it’s to my liking. I’ll save my photo to the camera roll. Depending on what you use and edit with will determine how long the save will take place. So if you do a lot of processing or use one of the default presets the save time will take a couple to a few minutes to save, because of all the rendering it has to do to save.

Camera Roll-295

This is my finished edit photo from Super Retro and Orasis. I put it through one more app to lighten it up and sharpen some details but keeping the low details intact.

Camera Roll-296

Here’s another example I did but I added Brooklyn to the mix to make this look a little more dramatic.

Camera Roll-298

Here’s another Orton photo I did so you can see how that dreamy effect looks on an Orton edited photo.

This concludes this weeks blog, next week I plan to talk about The Yogurt Mill Pimp Challenge. What my plans of what I’m going to do with everyone’s interpretations and point of view of the building. More info on next week’s blog. If you have any questions about this blog or any of the other blogs I’ve posts, you can leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Flickr Group, Facebook and Google+ Page. You can also click @ashcroft54 to find my page, where I connected to everything and anything social on the web. See you next week and have a great and Happy 2012 !!!

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4 Responses to Combo Apps/An Orton Revisit

  1. He,This is a great and usefull blog.Keep up the good work.

  2. hi can you give me that super retro app for free

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I don’t give out free apps, when I get them from the developers. I’ll post them for people who read my blogs fair and square. Most of the app I blog about I’ve blogged about I bought them myself. I do not get FREE apps, if you want FREE Promo Codes follow Life in LoFi !!!

  3. Kim (Hipstafiend) Martino says:

    Excellent!! I’m SO glad I caught your post on FB! Keep up the AWSOME work!! Btw, I’ve WAY more than 25 photo apps =:O

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