Combo Apps Challenge Winner Part 2


Today I’ll be blogging about the Second Place winner of The Combo Apps A1 Winner, Elena Bouvier a.k.a. @so_jane. You can check out her FEED on Instagram by clicking HERE. She’s the new kid on the block in the Extreme iPhoneography Editing World. I’ve look through her feed and it’s very impressive with lots of great eye candy. Elena is really amazing for just starting out and grasping how to edit photos so quickly. What I love about all these new people that find me or I find them is we have this kindred spirit of pushing limits. It’s like I said sometimes you really have to push these apps to see their full potential. Elena understands that what you need to really do with these apps. Play, play, play, it’s not about thinking of how you will edit this your photos. It’s more fun to press buttons, slide bars and layer them together. I’m hoping Elena keeps at it with her editing or pushing pixels. Please check out her feed on Instagram, leave comments and feedback, it’s a very impressive feed.

I copied and pasted the email she send me on her winning photos below the images.


so_jane-WHAT IF ?

Good morning Tina,

Both images you requested: “Love” and “What If?” are right behind this…

The process for both edits is essentially the same so, I’ll just tell you the basic process…
using “What If?” as the model.

All images originally captured using the Dynamic Light camera in my iPhone4.
Applied the basic dynamic light filter, I usually go up to 100/100 for color saturation.
Open the shadow and the tree in camera+ and crop both to square.
Open the image I want to “reveal” in photoforge2, in this case the tree, and increase saturation just a tad to push the boundaries of reality.
Add layer from library of overlay image, the shadow. I don’t think I made any adjustments to this image before creating the mask.
Create a mask and slowly begin to reveal the tree below.
Working on my iPhone, I tend to merge the mask often, to avoid having to start over when I make a mistake! The key is to soften your brush hardness and keep your brush size small and manageable, and zoom in to see what you’re doing.
Once I was happy with the mask and reveal, I merged down the shadow to the tree.
A little auto adjust and save!
Back into dynamic light where I converted the image to B&W. Save.
Back into camera+ for a little cloudy adjustment to the B&W to warm it a bit and save.

I hope this makes sense, Tina. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
The only difference between the two edits is, on “Love” I applied a little noise reduction in photoforge2 to smooth it out after the merge. The asphalt didn’t really need it IMHO.

Thanks so much Tina!


If you never change your mind, why have one?
Edward de Bono

This blog is about Elena and I will not do the normal plug…

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