Combo Apps/The Denoise Project II

Today’s blog is about Denoise again and the reason is an app Developer from Noise Master e-mail me to try out their Denoise app. The photo up above was emailed me by the developer and he wanted to be added to the mix of other Denoise Apps. He gave me a promo code to test out the app for him, of course I had to do my own testing with this app.

Denoise Test Shot

This is the test shot I’ll be using for the demo. It’s going to be Noise Master vs. Photoshop EX App.

Camera Roll-1586

I’ve made this larger than usual so you can see the different with 50% to 100% of denoise from Noise Master.

Camera Roll-1594

Another large test so you can see 50% to 100% with Photoshop EX.

Noise Master vs. Photoshop EX

Both apps side by side and close up, they are both very close and impressive apps. The pro with Noise Master is it’s only $.99 vs. the $4.99 upgrade on Photoshop EX.

I want to thank Lucky Clan for letting me try out their app for a comparison check. If there are other app you would like me to compare just leave comments or you can e-mail me The next blog will be the anniversary Combo Apps Blog Special. I’m really excited about this challenge. All the entries I’ve received so far from Instagram, e-mails and Facebook were totally AWESOME !!! There will definitely be a First, Second and Third place winner.

You can also check out the Facebook and Google+ Pages by clicking on them. You can also click the “like” button on sidebar. There is also the Flickr Group if you want to join and be member and share your edits in the group pool. There is also my page @ashcroft54 where you can find everything I’m connected to…see you all in The New Year.


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