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Percolating Drain

Percolator, the story behind this app and how it percolated into a friendship. I remember when I was just starting out on Instagram. Then I was seeing these photos with bubble like circles start to pop up on the feed. Before we had hash tags and easier ways of finding people on Instagram, you had to ask several people what apps they used on their photos. I asked and a few people told me it’s called Percolator. After I found out I went to the app store and bought the app. I thought this app was cool and original way of editing. It was nothing like I’ve even seen on any editing market, but what I loved most is the idea of coffee behind the app. Those tiny bubbles you will see in your coffee cup after you pour a fresh cup. It blew my mind of how this guy name John Balestrieri came up with such a creative concept of editing. Coffee and photography go hand in hand in my opinion, it’s the PB & J of all things that go together. I found and followed him on Twitter and Instagram.

Percolator Beats !

Then I put the app on the back burner like I do with other apps, because I was buying so many of them. Then one day a challenge popped on Instagram a guy name @doggonewalkin posted a Percolator Challenge. You had to come up with a creative way of editing and using Percolator. That’s what was on of the entries I did with Percolator and a few other apps blended together. I think that’s when John started to noticed what I could do with his app.

Extreme Editing

Then it evolved into pull and stretching the stars to a certain points with Rays. It happened on accident, a voice told me to try it and see what happens. This is what I was starting to get this sucked vortex look with the stars.

Warp Speed !

The circles don’t give off that great of an effect, but it makes great streams and zoom effects.

One night I was taking the trolley and bus going home from work. I was tweeting about how Photo App Link was not working right with my iPhone. Before that John was e-mail me some info on how to improve my blogs with a feed burner and keep doing what I’m doing with the blogs. He helped me fixed my iPhone issue and so did Jim Moore, by resetting my iPhone. While tweeting we struck up a conversation back and fourth with each other. It was a really great conversation, because that’s when I found out not all app developers are not “rolling in it.” I wanted to add is John is very good at what he does with developing and listening. They have the same struggles just like everyone else and work at jobs they don’t really like so they can pay the bills. It also cost them a lot of time and money to produce and advertise their apps. It’s a lot of work. They have to be a programmer, web designer, marketer, advertising and try to listen to make sure they listen to their customers. It’s a lot of hard work when your alone and putting things together. Even what I do is a lot of work with these blogs, running a group, two pages, doing editing projects, talking to app developers and working a full time job is a lot of work. I don’t get paid for doing this, but I’m hoping the hard work will pay off. I don’t want to work at Target for the rest of my life. You have to love and be passionate with what you’re doing in order to make all these things work. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be emailing and tweeting the developer of Percolator. It’s still very surreal for me. That’s the key that will keep me grounded.

Percolator 2.0 for iOS from Tinrocket, LLC on Vimeo.

Camera Roll-1328

Camera Roll-1329

You will see that the UI has changed a little but not too much. You can also watch the demo video of Percolator 2.0, which was put together really well. It gets you excited about the new update !!!

Camera Roll-1330

While you photo is being percolating and developing, this animation will happen when it’s close to being done. It’s kind of cool. You can click HERE for a demo link.

Color Gel, Treble and Superstar

The new added style of edits, Color Gel, Treble and Superstar.

Camera Roll-1334

He also added this new stirred effect, which is cute to watch the spoon swirl around. It gives that stirred feeling. What make this really is you can change the colors of the edit effects. It is random so you have to stir to your liking.

Camera Roll-1339

Stirred effect with beautiful purple hues. I’m not a fan of the color but it gives it such a subtle effect to you photo.

Last is my crazy blended Percolator Christmas Tree, it’s called Christmas Percolate and will be added to the One Million Chirstmas Tree Project.

Now if you have any question about this blog or any other blog please leave comments or e-mail me You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Flickr Group down below. The Facebook Page by hitting the “like” button on the sidebar. Click HERE for the Google+ Page. You can also check out my page @ashcroft54.

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You can also check out the Percolator Flickr Group.

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Percolator, a group on Flickr.


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