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Snow Daze Effect

Today this is another special blog for Christmas, I’m going to talk about the app Snow Daze by JixiPix. The app is on sale at the App Store for $.99, you can click HERE if you want to purchase the app. This is great app for adding that snow effect to you photos. It’s really easy to use and looks pretty realistic. I love this app because it doesn’t Southern California. It’s also great for our friend who live Down Under, since winter is summer for them. Also this is another great effect to add for editing to your Christmas Trees in the 1 Million Christmas Tree Project on Instagram…click HERE for more details of the challenge.

Camera Roll-1262

Let’s get started with the edit session with Snow Daze, the screen shot of the app.

Camera Roll-1263

This is the default edit after you load or take a picture with the Snow Daze app. You will always have that desaturated look to your photos. The button you tap are the same to every JixiPix app. Make sure you check your settings and adjust it to what resolution your desire. Just like all of the other apps when you do High Resolution the save will take a minute to save because of the rendering of the edit with photo.

Camera Roll-1264

The Style of snow to choose from as a preset, but there is that Adjust button next to Style. I will show you what they Adjust button does to you photo for more control of your editing.

Camera Roll-1265

Adjust the color, White Scene and Contrast.

Camera Roll-1266

Snow is the different type of texture effect for overlaying snow over your photo.

Camera Roll-1267

Cloud is for how much misty cloudy look for making your photos look stormy to the light magical snow fall. There is the strength and textured look below the slidebar.

Snow Daze Blog

My finish edited Snow Daze photo. As you can see it does make a huge dramatic snowy effect to you photo and a little bit of a realistic look of winter.

Snow Daze Demo

This photo was taken Pro Camera 3.0 edited with Snow Daze and Simply HDR. iFake snow in El Cajon CA.

If you have any questions about this blog or any other blog please leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below, hit the “like” on the sidebar for the Facebook Page and there’s the Google+ Page too, just click on the “+1”. That will take you to the group page and you hit the +1 there. You can also check out my page by clicking on @ashcroft54.

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