Combo Apps: MoreNoel & One Million Tree Project


Since it’s Christmas time, it time to make those lights on your tree sparkle and shine. Let’s talk about an app called More Noel by More-Thing. I picked up this app last year. The app is FREE, but the only down side to this app is it saves at 765×1024 resolution. That’s about 1 megapixel, but you can’t complain because the app is FREE and really easy to use. The photo up above was taken in the break room at my work.

Camera Roll-1214

Let’s get started with MoreNoel, this is the start page when you load the app. It’s a very simple and easy app to use. The buttons are pretty much what they say and I;m not going to go into details of how they work.

Camera Roll-1215

I’ve loaded my photo up in the app. You will see two different types of effects. Stars and Color Bokeh.

Camera Roll-1216

The fake bokeh effect at full blast.

Camera Roll-1217

The crisscross stars at medium.

Camera Roll-1217

My saved photo at medium start effect. It’s not the greatest shot, but this will give you an idea of how the star effect works with lights.

Camera Roll-1220

I just ran the photo through Dynamic Light and use Pic Tools for a simple black frame. This concludes the quick and easy blog.

The reason for the quick blog is @mahadewa is having a Christmas Tree Challenge. The challenge runs December 5th till the 25th. I did his 1000 Christmas Tree Challenge last year. This year Chris is doing it again but made it into a contest. You can click HERE for more details of his One Million Christmas Tree Challenge. Check it out !!! Remember this is not about the prizes or trying to win, it’s more about showing off Christmas Trees around the world and showing our Christmas Spirit.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave comments on the blogs or you can e-mail me You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below or hit the “like” button for the Facebook Page. You can also check out my page and find everything I’m connected to @ashcroft54.

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