Scratch Cam for 30 Days

Scratch Cam 4/30

My first month long iPhoneography project, 30 Days of Scracth Cam. You can click on the link below and check out my 30 Scratch Cam photos. All the photos are posted only on Flickr. I picked Scratch Cam because of the very cool and AWESOME UPDATE !!! The advantage of doing the month long project is it’s only a month. You don’t have to invest a whole year and you can turn it into a year long project by doing a month at a time. After I finished my 365 Days of Hipstamatic, I wasn’t sure what I would do next. A friend on Instagram suggested I try and do month long projects. I’ve blogged about this app and it’s huge update. It’s one of the best camera apps on the market for what it can do. It’s only $1.99. The things you can do is manually control the photo you or you can do random mode with presets. You can also make and save your presets. They have a FREE Combo Pack download for more ways of editing your photos. Who can beat that !!!

This project was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I shot all the photos with Scratch Cam. Some of the photos were just edited in random more and some were done with editing only on Scratch Cam. My next project will be 31 Days of Super Retro.

Scratch Cam 30/30

Scratch Cam 1/30Scratch Cam 2/30Scratch Cam 3/30Scratch Cam 4/30Scratch Cam 5/30Scratch Cam 6/30
Scratch Cam 7/30Scratch Cam 8/30Scratch Cam 9/30Scratch Cam 10/30Scratch Cam 11/30Scratch Cam 12/30
Scratch Cam 13/30Scratch Cam 14/30Scratch Cam 15/30Scratch Cam 16/30Scratch Cam 17/30Scratch Cam 18/365
Scratch Cam 19/30Scratch Cam 20/30Scratch Cam 21/30Scratch Cam 22/30Scratch Cam 23/30Scratch Cam 24/30

Scratch Cam for 30 Days, a set on Flickr.


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