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Today I’ll be talking about Denoise and the dreaded digital noise in the digital world. This all started with a simple conversation over Filterstorm and the big update they had with @misfit_toy and @morgainne420 on Instagram. I felt this is a really important subject to talk about because of the advancements with the iPhone Camera. Michelle (@misfit_toy) gave me a great idea for blogging about this topic. She told me not to go through the trouble, but this is the type of stuff I love doing not just for myself but for others out there in the iPhoneography world.

What is Digital Noise ? Digital Noise in digital photos consists of any undesirable flecks of random color in a portion of an image that should consist of smooth color. It is somewhat similar to the “snowy” appearance of a bad TV signal. Digital images shot in low light or with a high ISO setting often show this undesirable noise. In a way, noise is the digital equivalent of film grain, but noise is generally undesirable, while grain can be desirable. In fact, some digital photographers will curse noise one minute, and the next they may try to create film grain in digital photos for an artistic effect. People sometimes mistake it as dead pixels in the camera, but dead pixels are just black with no light shining through. That’s why they just black square because they are “dead.”


Night Photography is where you will see the most noise going on in any photo because of the high ISO range you have to use to capture moments with such low light conditions. A co-worker of mine asked me at work how to take night photographer and what he needed to take better night shots. I told him a heavy and stable tripod, a cable release and very good software for post processing your photos. Anytime you will see any type of night shot taken on the internet, that photograph has been heavily post process. There is no such thing as a light editing when it comes to low light and night photographs. This is where you really learn how to do heavy editing. My favorite software program to denoise a photograph is Topaz Denoise. In my opinion it’s by far the best software I’ve seen on the market. There are other denoise software that photographers will swear by such as Noise Ninja, Nik Dfine, Lightroom has a built-in and so does Photoshop.

Now it’s all about the iPhoneography and the fast pace growing art form it has become. The camera on the iPhone has gotten so advance to the point we will have to learn about what a Pro Photographer does with his photos and how he/she edits them. Soon you will see such subject like what I’m talking about start to pop up in blogs to come in the near future. It’s time we talk the pros and cons of apps with denoise editing in them.

Camera Roll-1110

This is the example I will use for the denoise demo, It’s taken with Pro Camera 3.0. You will noticed I took a night shot. I will be using the upper corner to blow up the photo and use Pic Frame to divide the unedited shot with the edited shot of the app I used.

Camera Roll-1109

First up is Perfect Photo, as you can see it blurs out the noise to try and smooth things out. The problem with this is you’ll have to sharpen it after you denoised the photo.

Camera Roll-1107

Photo Forge 2, From the look of this. The noise is more like big chunks, rather than smoothed over.

Camera Roll-1105

Iris Photo Suite, the noise here looks like it speckled out. Now I see what Michelle was telling about how the noise looks like it missed some spots.

Camera Roll-1099

Filterstorm, I would say is the most disappointing of all. The reason is they use color to hide the noise and make you image darker to give that noise free effect. The problem with is if you want to blow you photo up the noise will stand out BIG TIME !!!

Camera Roll-1103

Photogene 2, has some promise but it just looks like your photo got sharpen rather than denoised.

Camera Roll-1101

Last is Photoshop Express. YES !!! I paid the extra $5 because I wanted to see for myself if the denoise is really what people said about it. One thing I wanted to add was the Denoise on PS EX is an auto correction setting. You just hit a button & that’s it. The way you control the Denoise is drag your finger up and down on the screen. You will see a number go up and down at the top center of the screen. @morgainne420 you have stumped us all and made me speechless with your find in The Denoise Project !!!

This concludes the blog, if you have any questions leave comments or e-mail me Let me know if there are things you would like me to test out and try. I don’t always have all the answer but I will go and find the answers for you. You can check out Combo App: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr click down below. There is also a Facebook Page and Google+ page based on the group and blogs. Check it out and drop me line. You can also find my splash page and find everything I’m connected to and follow me @ashcroft54.


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