Combo Apps/Blending with Photo Tropedelic & Lens Light

MTS on Shrooms

Today’s blog is about an app called Photo Tropedelic, I came across this app by accident on Instagram with a hash tag. I clicked on the hash tag and saw some incredible work with this artistic app. It has great potential for artistic photo editing. Basically the app is for the 1960’s Pop Art come into the new 21st Century. You can purchase this app for $1.99 at thee App Store. It’s also made for the iPad too. There are two draw backs in using this app. 1. It can crash or freeze at time when you over use this app because of the mount of processing it has to do. 2. The app saves at low resolution. So I will show you how to make sure you get your photos or images saved at a higher resolution. I will show you how to stretch your Photo Tropedelic photo, so you can maximum output for your photo saves. I will alos show why it’s important to have 2 or 3 of the same app that does the same thing. More reasons to app to your growing app collection and justification of having two of the same type of editing apps. If you want to check out more about Photo Tropedelic click right here. The photo up above was taken with Pro Camera 3.0 in the break room at my work. I wanted to kick off Christmas. Most of all the photos will have a Christmas theme to them in this blog.

Por Camera 3.0

Camera Roll-1035

Now the photo up above is what we will doing at a demo for this step by step tutorial. I’m going to go with a Christmas theme for this whole demo. Then we open or load up Photo Tropedelic.

Camera Roll-1036

This will also show the last photo you edited last when you load up Photo Tropedelic. Let’s talk about the bottom buttons you will be tapping on. The Folder is how you load your photo from you albums or camera roll. You can also take a snap shot too with the camera. The box with arrow button is your save button. I will show you about the different types of saves later in the tutorial. The left and right arrows are what is in your Photo Tropedelic library. It’s best to clean out the library of photos after while because it takes up extra space on your iDevice. It will also bog down the speed of the editing process too. You always want to clean out your photos apps that have a storage library.

Camera Roll-1037

This is you different editing settings in this app. Now this app is a lot of trial and error, you have to play with this app to place the settings to your liking. There is no wrong or right way of how you want your photo look like. I will say this when you use this app. The process is very random. The out come is something you would never really imagine. So I’ll warn you if you have preconceive notions of the out come of the edit, you will set yourself up for disappointment everytime. It’s best to go in with an open mind and be surprised with every edit process of your photo.

Camera Roll-1038

These are the different save options you can choose from, I always do “Save to Camera Roll”. Now if you want to do more extensive editing on your computer or with Photoshop. You can do those other save options.

Camera Roll-1039

This is my finish edited photo from Photo Tropedelic. It’s cool…isn’t it.

Camera Roll-1040

Now I’m going to show you how to stretch a photo so you can have it at the higher resolution. We load up Photo Forge 2 and tap on the left photo in the corner of the stacked presents.

Camera Roll-1041

When you load in the Photo Tropedelic photo, you will see it small on the grid page. Tap on the eye so you can get a better view of stretching the photo.

Camera Roll-1042

Camera Roll-1043

Now you can see how to stretch the photo with your fingers. This is really tricky step to do. It will take some time to get it just right, so practice this a few times with the same photo. That way you get an idea of how this works and the hang of it. It took me a little time to play with stretching the photo. Try to get it just a bit of the edges when you stretch your photos. If you’re having problems getting spot on, you can tap reset bar and try stretching it again. It always helps to hit reset when you start to get frustrated.

Camera Roll-1044

Layers and blending. This is how I make this look like an acid trip.

Camera Roll-1046

How you get that acid trip/solarized look to your photo is choosing two types of blending. Difference and Exclusion.

Camera Roll-1047

After you pick which one you want you will see behind the layers that Exclusion Blending has worked. I’m going to tap on the flatten button.

Camera Roll-1048

Camera Roll-1048

After I flatten the image, I will save it by tapping on the cloud on the right hand corner. I’ll save it to my Photo Album. You will see my saved high resolution photo that has been blending together.

Camera Roll-1050

Now I will load the photo on Rays and who you my settings. This is my magic setting for Rays as a reference point. I know a lot of people had troubles using the settings with this app.

Camera Roll-1052

Camera Roll-1053

Then I load that Rays photo, edit it with Dynamic Light and saved photo at the bottom.

Camera Roll-1054

Camera Roll-1055

DXP !!! Here is one of the secrets of why I have a few different layering apps. The reason is I can work on a different editing photo on another app while keeping the original on Photo Forge 2. I could do it all on Photo Forge 2 if I wanted to, but sometimes it just doesn’t look the same. All the blending apps have a slight variations of each other. Lately I’ve been using DXP a lot for blending layers.

Camera Roll-1056

Camera Roll-1057

The image up above looks a little dark to me so I will load the photo on Filterstorm to brighten and sharpen it a bit.

Camera Roll-1058

We go back to Photo Forge 2 to add in the new layer or overlay I just made with Rays, Dynamic Light, DXP and Filterstorm.

Camera Roll-1059

I’m going to use Difference as my blending.

Camera Roll-1060

Camera Roll-1062

I’ll flatten the layers and use Pop Cam! for the added effects.

Camera Roll-1063

Camera Roll-1064

Camera Roll-1065

Camera Roll-1066

These are what I went with for my added editing effects. Polarizing Filter, Electro-Fine 1979 Film, Timothy Lens and Paper 06 for Texture. You will have to play, go back and fourth with each lens to get the settings to your liking. Again it’s trial and error, lots of playing around and mixing. I’m starting to like Photo Forge 2 as time goes by. The more I play with this app the more I understand how it works for me. When you edit your photos try and find what works for you, not what people think you should do.

Camera Roll-1067

My finish photo !!!

Camera Roll-1073

Next I want to show another option you can use for streaking with Lens Light. Up above is a photo I used with Lens light and made the Bokeh really small like color dots.

Camera Roll-1068

Camera Roll-1079

Now you make the Bokeh into dots is very simple. Take you index and thumb and pinch down to make them really small like dots.

Camera Roll-1069

How you added more Bokeh dots is tap on the Render (Add Light) button. I will do each color about two or three times each.

Camera Roll-1070

These are selection of different Bokehs and Blurs.

Camera Roll-1071

This is what it will look like after you do these dots several times, place the dots how you like it.

Camera Roll-1078

How I got this photo to look like this is the same blending and layering technique up above. I use Rays, Dynamic Light, DXP, Photo Forge 2. Then blend it with Difference and/or Exclusion. Brighten and sharpen them up with Filterstore from the DXP blending. Last i did the editing effects with Pop Cam !

Here are 5 Promo Codes for Lens Light, thanks to James Grote for his generosity.


If you have any questions about this blogs or any other blogs, you can leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below or press the “like” button on the side bar for the Facebook Page. I’ve also started a Google+ Page for this group. You can post your editing creations on any of these pages or groups. You can also check out my page @ashcroft54.

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