Combo Apps/Filterstorm Update


Yesterday everyone got excited over the new Filterstorm 4.0 Update. Then people got it and complained about it all over Instagram. I haven’t updated my Filterstorm yet. I’m going to wait for the next update and then blog about the app.


Then about an hour ago I saw this tweet on Twitter from the developer of Filterstorm. Looks like there will be a Filterstorm 4.0.1 blog coming soon.

Waiting & Hoping

This is what I wanted to add and update this blog about Filterstorm 4.0, so far it seems to be the same but with the added layers. I haven’t figured out how to do the layers yet. Give me a chance to play with and I’ll be writing about it real soon. I’m still waiting for the update for the app. I can still do the Broonoo Blur Edit and get That Nice Surrealism. I’m not sure what other are talking about the “picker tool” and what it’s used for. The reason is I don’t what type of editing the others are talking about. Still no matter how you look at it I still love using Filterstorm. It’s my most used heavy editing app.

Check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr and the Facebook Page, just click on the “like” button on the sidebar.

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