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Camera Roll-827

Today I’ll be talking about an app called Rainy Daze by JixiPix. It’s an awesome app for making your photos look like it’s raining, since it’s raining in El Cajon and all over San Diego as well. I thought this would fit the occasion. The photo up on top was edited with Rainy Daze. You can pick up this app for $.99 at The App Store. I wanted to app that this is my PRO Blog debut, so lets get started with the editing.

Rain Puddle for Blogging

This the photo I’ll be using for the demo editing, taken with Pro Camera 3.0.

Rainy Daze

Camera Roll-820

Lets load up Rainy Daze and show you the UI. If you have other JixiPix, you can see they all have the same lay out for editing photos. Which I really love because it makes thing really simple to operate. Also if you click on Rainy Daze, you can get more information about this beautiful app. What I will show you will only scratch the surface of how you can use this app for editing. I’m always excited when JixiPix puts out a new app because of how much effort they put into developing their apps.

Camera Roll-821

My loaded photo and default setting when you start with Rainy Daze.

Camera Roll-822

There are 3 different types of presets with this app, Rain Showers, Vintage Rain and Romantic Rain. When you open up each folder they have a lot of different presets to choose from each folder.

Camera Roll-823

Camera Roll-824

Camera Roll-825

After your done picking your presets, you can tap on Adjust. There are 3 different tabs to choose from adjusting your photo for editing. You can finely tune how subtle or dramatic you want your photo to look. You can also save your own custom presets with this app, just like all the other JixiPix apps. Make sure you check you setting to set your resolution.

Romantic Rain

Here is my finished edited photo with Romantic Rain with custom settings. Rain to me is something we romanticized here in San Diego County because we get so little of it. We go through a 5 year drought and water shortages. One of the perks of living in the desert oasis.

This part of the blog is I wanted to share some info with you all. I came across this app by accident called FREE App a Day. Someone tagged me on Instagram to check out a cool photo edit with Toon Paint FX. They had an offer that the app was FREE for one day from FREE App a Day, so guess what…I picked up both apps !!! Here is another way of getting full apps for FREE, you might want to check this out and pick up the FAAD app, it’s FREE !!! You never know what you could pick up for FREE.

Another thing I wanted everyone to check out is one Facebook called Michelle With AppleNews. He likes my Combo Apps Facebook page, so I asked him if he could help me out and I would do the same in return. He also host this page on Facebook called iPhone-iPod touch-iPad-Apps. Michelle has some cool information from his pages.

A man reads his paper at a full and noisy Starbucks

Here is a photo I took at Starbucks last night with Pro Camera 3.0. Then I edited it with Toon Paint FX and layered and blended them together with DXP.

If you want to ask me any questions about this blog or and other blogs, leaves comments or e-mail me You can check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and click on the “like” button for the Facebook Page on the sidebar. You can also check out my page @ashcroft54. You can find all my links and follow me.

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