Combo Apps/My 1st Year with Instagram/How it changed my life for the better.

My Little Vida Buka

Today is my 1st Birthday/Anniversary with Instagram. The top photo is my first post on Instagram. It’s a photo of my niece Davida Nobuko Burlingame a.k.a. Vida Buka. I wanted to talk about the Top 10 things that changed me for the better with Instagram. I’ll be posting photos from the past and talking about the stories behind the photos.

1. The photo up above is the number reason for using my iPhone for photographing people, places and things in my life. It’s so much easier to pull out my iPhone to shoot pictures than lugging around a DSLR or point and shoot around. I wanted to also say I don’t say that I don’t use the Instagram Camera anymore. When I started out I didn’t care about resolution and editing photos with my iPhone. I was just starting out in the iPhoneography World. This was my second iPhone, so I didn’t think I would be using it as a photo editor, documenting my life, writing blogs, doing projects with it and opening up myself up to the world. Everything happened so fast, I’ve learned to start doing and not thinking. When I would think things out it would detour me from doing the things I really wanted to do, now that has changed dramatically for the better. It’s also taught me to do things for myself and not for others.

These are my camera apps.

2. The Photo Apps, this is how I started with photos back then. Can you believe these are all the apps I had when I started with Instagram. At the time I just started a Hipstamatic 365 Project, I was only a few weeks into the project. What I love about Hipstamatic and Instagram was it reintroduced me back to the Square Format and for other the Toy Camera/Plastic Camera. Digital Photography took over so quickly, that no one could afford a digital square format camera. The only camera people could afford was the Ricoh GXR, so this was really nice that the app developers started a refreshing revolution of square format and toy cameras.

iPhoneography Image

Life in LoFi Image

3. iPhoneography and Life in LoFi: iPhonegraphy, I was introduced to these two websites. I’ve learn the term iPhoneography and what it means to be an iPhoneographer. These are the two sites where I was learning about photo apps. What to buy and what not to buy, the things that photo apps can/could or can’t/couldn’t do. It was the place I went to read about before I started my own blog with Combo Apps. Now if anyone whose starting out in iPhoneography, I will always refer them to those two website. It’s the best place for information on anything iPhoneography.

Photojojo image

iPhone Lens Image

Fisheye Lens

Macro Lens

4. *Photojojo!* and the iPhone lenses, I got those lens first thing when I saw them on Instagram and iPhoneography. I was amazed I could shoot with close to the same style of shooting with my DSLR (Canon 40D). I used them for a little while, but it’s novelty wore off pretty quickly. I’m guessing about a month and a half that it lasted. They are pack away somewhere in a box…LOL !!!

Camera App Collection Part 2

#PicFX x3

Mast Park

5. Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing, as time pressed on so was my collections of photo apps. I noticed that I was buying apps that were not being reviewed by iPhonoegraphy or Life in LoFi. It started with a guy name Dustin Vaughn-Luma (dvl). I saw that he was combining app to edit his photos with these houses around San Jose. So I started to combine apps for editing my iPhone photos, it started with simple apps like Tilt Shift Gen and Pic Grunge. Then I went to more advance app, Filterstorm. Then I saw two women on Instagram that did the far out editing I used to do with Photoshop. Kristinae and Lalygirl, what I saw was a screen shot of Kristina’s app collection. It made my eyes pop out. I knew I had to follow her and try to talk to her about her editing skills. Then after that happened she introduce me to Lalygirl and told me she has a huge collection of apps too. I saw what they were doing with their editing, so I picked up what they did quickly by playing around with apps. Then a guy name Brandan, B57 was following and liked the editing I did with my iPhone photos. He’s really the first real fan of my work, so I wanted to plug him. Brandan work is very creative. He pushes his skills to the next level. These are the 3 people why Combo Apps was born with the help of Chris Prakoso, mahadewa. He helped me by plugging my blogs on his Instagram feed, which I’m really thankful for in starting out. Also he’s a wealth of information about putting yourself out on the internet, marketing and social networking. I’ve made a Flickr Group based on the blogs and recently made a Facebook Page for people who don’t have Flickr or want to be on both. The Flickr Group has 400+ members and 6700+ photos in the group pool.

6. This was a hard lesson but it was an important one, don’t over tag people. I was so excited at the time and wanted people to check out my blogs when I started Combo Apps. I would tag just about everyone I followed and then some. A lot of people I followed at the time ended up reporting me as a spammer. Then I received a nasty warning letter from Instagram. I was really upset about it but what it taught me was that if I wanted people to really read my blogs. Quick and easy wasn’t going to cut it, I had to work at getting readers. So the thing I had to learn was start talking to app developers, at first I didn’t know how until David Boyes came along. He has developed 3 photo apps, picfx, Pic Frame and Pic Tools. They are all great apps. He is the first guy to help me push myself as a better blogging and my photo editing skills. I’m very thankful that he listened and given me a chance. He also gave me the courage to talk to other app developers such as Jim Moore for Bleach Bypass. He’s the first one to approach me about giving away promo codes with my blogs. John Grote (Lens Light, Lens Flare and Lens Light HD) for helping me with promo codes, plugging my blogs and pushing my photo editing skills. John Balestrieri for Percolator, the trolley/bus ride tweet chat I had with him one night, the e-mails of helpful information and showing me how to get more attention for the blogs. These guys work really hard on making a better app for everyone who loves to edit photos with their iPhone.

7. Being criticised for over apping my photos and not having my own style. This is what I have to learn that when it comes to people criticising you and putting your work out to the public. You got to take it with a grain of salt, build up a tough skin and stick to what your heart/gut tells you. It did bother me, but with good friends on IG it helped me get through it. I’m starting to learn that the more people know who your are. The more they see you as a threat. They want tear you down, so you’ll quit. An important valuable lesson I had to learn with blogging and showing off my editing skills. I can please some of the folks but not all of the folks.

8. The closeness from the Instagram community, over time I’ve made some really good friends from all over the world. What’s great is no one cares if about the color of your skin, religion, creed or sexuality. It’s about sharing your point of view of life through your photos. It’s really important that you follow a different mix of people. You can learn so much from a person with just one photo. It’s such a universal language that everyone can understand. I find it wonderful, better than any other photo sharing site in the world. I wanted to added the people I’ve made a few great friendships with. Check them out @artsyhipster @tiffnay916 @doggonewalkin @jfalconer1 and @80s_girl


9. *****contrasted gallery on Flickr, if it wasn’t for Instagram. The 90 iPhoneography photos would of never been done for this gallery group. I spent 3 week taking photos and editing them like crazy on my iPhone. I think I’m the only to post iPhone photos in the group and so glad I did it !!!

Scratch Cam 2/30

10. Month long projects, after I was done with my Hipstamtic 365 Project. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next, so a fellow Instragmer name MOSO turned me onto a new project. I will be doing month long project and posting them on Flickr using a single camera app. This month I will be doing 30 Days of Scrtach Cam. Not everyone does Combo Apping, it’s my way of seeing what a single editing app can do and push it to the extreme. This will be a fun project…hopefully others will join in on the fun !!!

What will happen in the next 365 Days until next Instagram Birthday ?

This concludes my Instagram Birthday Blog…if you have any questions just leave a comment or email me You can also check out my page @ASHCROFT54. check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Flickr Group down below or the Facebook Page on the sidebar, just click on the “like” button.

Rail ShadowsLight in The Sky106/365 - View from a conference roomThe Sun is Mine!!South Bay, Scarborough, Yorkshire
295/i365 • nordeaSnow CrystalTwo MusiciansJapanese Maple AbstractThrough the RoofContemplating
Ubanistsic Unrealistic (un) Hole-istic, isn't it?306/365 - Between a rock and a hard placeBirds of a feather...The Upper Pond, Clayton Woods, YorkshireI'll Shoot the Moon
KimonoVisceral echoconsistency of memorymusic expressSun Explosion294/i365 • lamp

Demo Combo Apps

Demo Combo Apps

An app worth checking out and buying is Big Lens…I’ll be talking more about this app next week.

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