Hipstamatic 365 Project Ends…

Hipstamatic 365/365 iPhone 365/365
365. …ends with a fortune.

This project has been one long ride and it comes to end. What I’ve learn about doing a project is commitment and taking it one day at a time are the keys. No matter what happens you still keep taking one photo a day. My life in the past year was full of surprises and twist/turns. No matter what happened I stuck to taking my one photo a day. This project has helped me cope with a lot of the bad things that were happening in my life. It also made me go back to my photographic roots of composing photos, finding extraordinary things and see again. I’ve taken over 3000+ photo with my iPhone alone this year…maybe more…I don’t keep track or count.

Will there be a another 365 Project…lets see what 2012 will be like…

Hipstamatic 333/365 iPhone 333/365Hipstamatic 1/365 iPhone 1/365Hipstamatic 2/365 iPhone 2/365Hipstamatic 3/365 iPhone 3/365Hipstamatic 4/365 iPhone 4/365Hipstamatic 5/365 iPhone 5/365
Hipstamatic 6/365 iPhone 6/365Hipstamatic 7/365 iPhone 7/365Hipstmatic 8/365 iPhone 8/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 9/365 iPhone 9/365Hipstamatic 11/365 iPhone 11/365
Hipstamatic 12/365 iPhone 12/365Hipstamatic 13/365 iPhone 13/365Hipstamatic 14/365 iPhone 14/365Hipstamatic 15/365 iPhone 15/365Hipstamatic 16/365 iPhone 16/365Hipstamatic 17/365 iPhone 17/365
Hipstamatic 18/365 iPhone 18/365Hipstamatic 19/365 iPhone 19/354Hipstamatic 20/365 iPhone 20/365Hipstamatic 21/365 iPhone 21/365Hipstamatic 22/354 iPhone 22/365Hipstamatic 23/365 iPhone 23/365

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