Combo Apps: Pro Camera 3.0 meets Lumiere

Pro Camera 3.0 meets Lumiere

Today I want to talk about an app that I’ve put off in buying because of the price. The app is called Lumiere. The catch phrase is “Analog photography never felt so digital !” It the vintage 4/3 camera app…warning this is not a square app. One of the reason why I stayed away from this app, until Pic Tools changed all that for me. Then I was looking through App Shopper and saw Lumiere was on sale for $.99. I decided to go for it and pick this baby up to add to my collection of photo apps. If you an app collection or have an addiction like me, pick up App Shopper, one of the best FREE apps to pick up for checking out sales/price drops on apps. @doggonewalkin fellow Instagramer and proud San Diegan turned me onto App Shopper, so I want to thank him. Please check out his feed on Instagram, @doggonewalkin.

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Lumiere, they also have a Facebook page too. At first when I got the app, I had to read how to use the film and filters a few times. I’ll explain more down the road in this blog.

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The photo I’ll be using for the blog, taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with Orasis.

Camera Roll-132

After Lumiere is loaded you will be in camera mode as a default, I’m at a Starbucks. The button on the camera are pretty cut and dry. The top left is the flash, middle top is the grid for lining up your photos before shooting, swivel to front and back cameras. The bottom left is the last photo you shot or edited, middle bottom is the camera button for shooting and bottom right is the menu option. When I got this app I assumed this was a camera only app and not a camera/editing app…

Camera Roll-133

…lets talk about the menu option and what happens when you “assume” things. I figured out you can use your photos from the camera roll by the button option, Import from Camera Roll. All these people who complained, bitched, pissed, and moaned about not being able to edit with this camera app didn’t look at the menu option. This is why you need to play with apps to figure them out. Push the apps to the next level and show the lazy people who refuse not to learn how to use their camera apps. This is why review app sites are limited in information about actual photo apps. They only talk about the basic functions and pros and cons of these photos apps. They don’t go into details of why you would want this app, what you can do with this app and styles of editing you can do with these apps. The only way I learn is playing with these apps, see what they can do and find a purpose for editing.

Camera Roll-134

When you load a photo from your camera roll, it going to be always vertical. Don’t worry when you save your photo with will save in the correct position.

Camera Roll-135

This is how you know the photo is being saved.

Combo Apps Blogs

My finished edited photo from Lumiere. My favorite film is Orange Crush with a grungy overlay.

Camera Roll-138

Now I added Tilt Shift Gen and Pic Tools for added dramatic effect. I wanted to add that Tilt Shift Gen has been added to the PhotoAppLink line up for better Combo Apps Editing. I also love flames !!!!

Can you see me ?

I wanted to add this photo too because I used Mobile Monet was added to the PhotoAppLink line up too.

If you have any questions about this blog or any other blog please leave comments or email me You can also check out @ashcroft54 splash page. All my link are there and you can click and follow me all over the internet. If you don’t have Flickr, click the “like” button if you want to be part of the Combo Apps; iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group and up to date on blog posts.

Some exciting news, I wanted to express my gratitude and excitement that Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group has been featured in The iPhoneography Daily News. I’m very excited about this because it from Germany !!! I’m very excited about this and my hard work is starting to pay to pay off, plus other group members in the group are being shown off as well too.

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