Combo Apps: The Candid Shot !

A master in the making...

Today I wanted to do a special birthday blog for all my readers about candid shots. Candid photography is best described as un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive. This is in contrast to classic photography, which includes aspects such as carefully staged portrait photography, landscape photography or object photography. Candid photography catches moments of life from immersion in it. The shot above is called “A master in the making…” It’s called that because I am always constantly mastering the candid shot.
One of my favorite candid shooter is an Instgramer, Mr. Whisper. He does amazing candid shots of people riding The London Underground. What he does is look around for random people doing ordinary things riding the tube and snaps them up. How he’s shoots his subject is an art form in itself and the editing makes it even more magical. I want everyone to take a look at his feed on Instagram. He’s quite the comedian with his candid shots added with his comical captions of the people he stalks on the tube.
This blog is not a tutorial is about just looking and studying the photos. I want everyone to get a good idea of how to do this type of photography. The best places to these shots are on public transpertaions, malls, beaches, Starbucks (since I’m always here) and anyplace you see people migrate to. Finding these moments to snap the shot and your iPhone or iTouch is the perfect tool in snapping the moment. You don’t need to travel to exotic places, just walk down the street.

Bus Stop

Waiting for the bus can be boring so, I’m always looking for victims to shoot.

Bus Stop

Sometimes candid shots are not always people, it can be random things too. This bike sitting against the trashcan can be a good example of this type of shooting.

A man sits and reads on the trolley.

A boring trolley ride for the both of us, so I snapped him.

2 boys

Boys being boys at the bus stop…

A man on a bus...thinking.

I liked how he was looking at his cell phone and checking it. Then snap I got him !!! Now I want you all to go out and find his candid moments, snap them, edit them and post them. If you a parent, you will find tons of candid moments with your kids.

If you have any questions about this blog or any other blogs, leave comments or e-mail me Find me on for all the links to follow me @ashcroft54. Happy Shooting Everyone !!!

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  1. Hey there, You have done an excellent job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  2. Bal says:

    Just had to read it again. Thank you so much my friend. Mr.Whisper.x

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