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*****Contrasted Gallery, a set on Flickr.

Up above you is 90 iPhoneography Photos, that we all taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with the follow apps. Orasis, Filterstorm, Pic Tools and Pic Grunge, some photos were edited with Tilt Shift Gen and Vintage Scene. I spent 3 weeks taking and editing all these photos. They are with in 3 to 4 block ratios around where I live in El Cajon, except for the Trolley photos. The story behind the photos are about where I live and the everyday people, places and things. Most people would pass by and not take a second glance at or notice. I live in a very spread out town, where they have long stretched out blocks, massive about of drivers and the lack of any real connections. The only place I see where people actually connect is the Starbucks on Broadway and Mollison I frequent, to write my blogs, edit photos and just using the FREE WiFi. Everyone is very friendly and no be by name. If you get that isolated feeling to all these photos, then I have made my point across about this town. El Cajon has the reputation of the town you want to leave behind or stay until find some place better. Take a good look of where I live and try to understand that things can change if you really want them to. El Cajon like any other town has the potential of becoming an up and coming place to live. But it’s up to us if we want the change or something better so the pursuit of happiness begins…

Pro Camera 3.0 and Orasis

Here is the photo we are going to blog about in the whole editing sequence. This photo was taken with Pro Camera 3.0 and edited with Orasis. I like to use Orasis to bring out details and give the photo that little pop or flare.

Camera Roll-1147

Camera Roll-1148


Next I load the photo onto Filterstorm, I like to use a preset called “Disposable Camera.” It gives the photo it’s muted/desaturated and artsy blur style to your photo.

Camera Roll-1151

Tilt Shift Gen

Some of the photos I edited with were done with Tilt Shift Gen. I wanted to blur more things out of the photo and bring in certain details to light. It’s not just for making fake miniatures. It’s also perfect for blurring other types of photos to give it that extra added artsy touch.

Camera Roll-1153

Camera Roll-1154

Now it’s Pic Tools time and I’m going to use the Overlays presets. There is something else I would like to teach something I figured out with this app. I will explain more in the next section of screen shots. I used Film 2 preset for a little grunge to my photo.

Camera Roll-1155

Camera Roll-1156

What I did was use the Transform section in Pic Tools and turned the photo upside down. After I do that I will go back to Overlay and used the preset Film 2 setting again. I came across doing this on accident, because I wanted to make them just tab more grunge and have that darker appeal to the photo.

Pic Tools

Here is my double Film 2 preset edited photo. You can also flip the photo if you want or try to do all 4 sides of the photo with the preloaded Overlays. It’s really up to you and the type of look your going for with your photo.

Camera Roll-1158

Camera Roll-1159

Now I’ve loaded the photo in Pic Grunge and picked Blotched as my edit choice. Then I changed the texture to Metal for that extra dark look.

Camera Roll-1160

After I picked out my texture, I’ll take the slide down on the Strength. I want the grunge to be subtle but effective.

Pic Grunge and Finished !

My finished edited photo is complete !!! See how the subtle grunge gives it that dramatic effect instead of an overpowering messy look. Sometimes you really have to play with these app to know what your looking for that style to your photo.

David Boyes has been nice and gave me 3 promo codes for Pic Frame. Pic Frame and Pic Tools just had huge updates and now both can be used with the iPad, also more frame were added to the mix. If you pay the extra $.99 you can get the following added to the app, labels, fonts, textures and other great things to add to your frames. Which I think it’s a great deal, since the app is $.99 and with both it’s $1.98 and high resolution too. That’s a deal compared to Diptic, which I paid $2.98 with everything and still no high resolution.


Now if you have any question about this blog or anything else about editing photos, you can leave a comment or e-mail me You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ashcroft54. You can also find my splash page, all my connections on one simple page. Check out the Combo Apps: iPhoneography Extreme Editing Group on Flickr down below and hot the “like” button for the Facebook Page on the sidebar.

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