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There is a buzz about the latest editing I’ve been doing lately on Instagram and Streamzoo. Today it will be a hyper step by step and details blogs of how I edit my photos this way. You will need the following apps in order to do this type of editing, Percolator, Orasis, DXP and Dynamic Light. They are must have apps in order to this type of editing. All these apps are very inexpensive, so check out the App Store. This is my style of editing but like always you have a choice of the out you want to make with it. I’m just providing you a guide. I know I said this wasn’t going to be a promo blog, but James Grote from Brainfevermedia has given me 5 promo codes for Lens Light. He’s a big fan of my editing with iPhoneography photos. I wanted to say that Percolator will have a huge update coming soon, so this is my way of saying how much I love his app. You can always push your app to extremes when it comes to editing. Don’t limit yourself, always push yourself to the next level when it comes to editing photos. Make sure You tell these guys how excited and show them the love you have for the apps…let the blog begin !!!

Camera Roll-2273

Here we are with a typical simple shot from Pro Camera 3.0, I got lucky with two buses passing through while shooting this photo.

Camera Roll-2274

Let’s talk about this app Orasis, it’s $.99 at the App Store. I was lucky and got this app for FREE when it was offered. I always use this app to sharpen my photos and make my details pop. It’s a very simple and easy app to use. I would compare this app to Topaz Adjust or Topaz Detail, which are plug-ins for Photoshop.

Camera Roll-2275

After the app is loaded up and ready to go, you will see the options of how to use this app. I don’t even have to explain in details of how to operate this app. That’s how simple and easy it is to use.

Camera Roll-2276

When I load a photos onto this app, 75% of the time I like the auto preset. You will hardly and rarely use the manual controls with this app. Since I’m a control freak when it comes to editing my photos, I’ll use the manual options and sliders to edit my photo. Here is the rule of making sure auto works for you most of the time. Always take proper exposed photos, if you do that you will hardly ever have to do any real heavy editing with your photos. Shoot from your gut and basic photo skills are a must. Don’t ever let software or photo app save your photos.

Camera Roll-2277

My edited Orasis photo.

Camera Roll-2278

Camera Roll-2279

Percolator, another great and easy app to use for editing. Such a great concept of putting coffee and editing photos together, a marriage made in the making. Again I don’t even have to explain how to use this app, because it’s all provided. I remember when I first got this app. I loved playing with the different combinations, because the outcome always amazed me.

Camera Roll-2280

When you load your photo onto the app to be process, this is the default option or process.

Camera Roll-2281

Camera Roll-2282

Of course I will change the option of editing my photo, I will dial in Full of Stars, Extra Fine and Black. Now when you process this way, it will take some time for processing. It’s because it will depend on the resolution of your photo that is being processed. It will take a minute or two for Extra Fine. Sometimes I don’t always use Extra Fine because it depends on what kind of look I’m going for with the next app Rays.

Camera Roll-2283

Rays is the secret in making the stars stream through or streak. It’s the only app that will work for this type of editing. I’ve tried Focal Lab and other blur apps. They don’t give you the resolution or that detailed streak. If you want to prove me wrong and find another app that does a better, go for it. Please let me know because I really like to hear options and other options of editing.

Camera Roll-2284

After the app is loaded you will get this gray screen and button to tap on top. The list will below, numbered and going from left to right.

1. The Folder is where you tap to load your photo
2. Lightening Bolt is for the little light circle your tap on or off.
3. The Sliders are controls of how you want to spread, brighten and use opacity for control.
4. The Circle Arrows are the undo button.
5. ? is for instruction on how to use the app.
6. The Arrow Box is doe saving your photo after your done editing.

Camera Roll-2285

I’ve loaded the Percolated photo onto the app. you will noticed the Bolt and Sliders are lit up blue. That means these options are on. You can tap on them to turn them off. Rays, I will bring down the length to 25 to 45 depends on the mood I’m in when I edit. Threshold I usually keep it at 0, but sometimes I might push it id I want dark black streaks too.

Camera Roll-2287

Make sure you push the Brightness to 300 for nice streaks.

Camera Roll-2288

Opacity is always at the setting when I’m trying to streak the stars.

Camera Roll-2289

That’s how I get the star streaks…but I want the streaks to pop more…


Helpful hint in how I dial in the number for Rays.

Camera Roll-2290

Oh this is where Dynamic Light comes into play with the editing.

Camera Roll-2291

Camera Roll-2292

I like to use 50 to 100 on the dial with this app. I will not ever go below 50, because I want the streaks to POP !!!

Camera Roll-2293

Now I blend the two photos together, sometimes I’ll do 3 if I want a different type of look. You don’t use DXP for blending layers. You can get Image Blend or Photo Forge 2. I just use DXP most of the time, because it gives me the best look, but if you want to try other blending apps. By all means go for it !!!

Camera Roll-2294

Camera Roll-2296

The two photos of layered on top of each other. I will load the Orasis edited photo first then the Dynamic Light Streak photo next. Now the blending option is up to you. I will usually use Overlay or Hardlight. Sometimes I’ll use Difference or Exclusion for a totally different look. Multiply is too dark most of the time, because of the layers laying on top of each other. You can use Photo Forge 2 and mess with the layers in that app, because you can do a more detailed type of laying. I’ve experimented with Photo Forge 2 with layering. I will warn you it take a lot longer to mess with Photo Forge 2, compared to DXP or Image Blender. If your anal and love total control of your editing then use Photo Forge 2.

Camera Roll-2299

Now I load the blended photo back onto Orasis again, for popping detail and it brightens up the photo.

Camera Roll-2300

Camera Roll-2302

Lighting Effects are done with following apps Lens Flare and Lens Light, This is how I get that dramatic light effects with the streaky stars. I also posted the menu on how to add more light effect with this app. You can render more light effects with both apps. It makes it easier than to save and load 4 or 5 times.

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My finished edited photo is complete.

Combo Apps Blog

You don’t always have to use Full of Stars on Percolator. There is Overprint which is another way of editing with streaks in your photo. I try to find other ways of editing because I get bored using the same thing over and over again. I also added some texture and lens effect with Photo Forge 2.

If you have any questions with blog or any other blog you can leave comments or e-mail me, You can also find and follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Now you can also find the following links to find my splash page at click on any link and connect with me. Last check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group or click “like” for the Facebook Page on the sidebar of the blog page.

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10 Responses to Combo Apps/Star Studded Percolator & Lens Flares & Lights

  1. I’ve always thought that my blending the “full of stars” from percolator into some sky shots was a pretty cool idea, but I really like your rays idea! I ‘ll have to give that a shot – like you said – another step further! 🙂 thanks again, Tina!

  2. Lalygirl says:

    Ok this is sooooo cool. I knew I was missing an app and that was rays. Wow can not wait to try it out. Many thanks Tina. Superb edit.

  3. Lalygirl says:

    Yikes something is not working right. When I use rays it does not streak like yours. Going to have to play with it more

    • ashcroft54 says:


      I added something for you at the bottom of the blog, just for you. There is a screen shot of how to play with Rays. It’s the basic guide to help you and everyone else out. Now I want to see some streaking !!!

  4. Love this unique song and the picture is awsome. Varies greatly… Great job..

  5. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us,keep doing your great job.

  6. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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